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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer of Seersucker!

I am so in love with how our matching cousin outfits turned out this year!!!

(photo: dramatic attic photography)

I knew when my brother-in-law and sister-in-law from Idaho said that they booked a flight to visit from Idaho to Nashville that I needed to get busy on some matching cousin looks!!!

The t-shirts are all appliqued using different designs!  The crab is from Pick and Stitch, the turtle, seahorse and fish are from Planet Applique and the whale is from GG's Designs and Embroidery!

The shorts are the free pattern from Create Kids Couture on and the bloomers are my Sweet and Simple Bloomer Pattern!
How fun is it to see the change each year!
2010 was the first year I began sewing!  The shorts for Robert (standing) are a vintage pattern and the jon-jon rompers are the Children's Corner Johnny pattern (reversible!)
2012 was the first year I had my embroidery machine so I made appliqued shirts for the boys with their initial and some self-drafted shorts!  The dress and bloomers that Eva Mae is wearing is the Children's Corner Lucy pattern!
And of course, this year - 2013!
Isn't it fun to see babies added to the picture each year!?!
Children are definitely a blessing from the Lord!

(photo: dramatic attic photography)

And I love how special the mommy/daughter bond is!

It makes me so sad that our Eva's live so far apart! :)
{yes, you read right - they are both named Eva!!! LOL! Eva Mae (mine - pronounced "Ee-vah") is named for my maternal grandmother who was so influential in my life!  Eva (Rob and Nikki's - pronounced "Eh-vah") is named for Rob's maternal and paternal grandmothers!}

I made their matching bows too - so cute!

 And these cuties aren't the only cousins on this side!

Here's a great pic of my other 2 nieces and nephew!

I love this picture of Alex and Eva Mae!

We had to do the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" pose!


Silly pose!


Don't forget - ROMPER WEEK COMING SOON!!!!  If you've recently made a romper that you'd like featured, add it to our flickr group!

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EDIT - I realized I didn't even put a family shot in the blog post originally!!!  Here you go!
(photo: dramatic attic photography)

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