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Friday, June 29, 2012

New Green Pixie Items!

These two cute outfits will be at the Green Pixie Baby boutique tomorrow!!!  Stop by the shop and check out all the great things Marie has in stock!!!  Or, check them out on Facebook!

The jon-jon is fully lined with cute decorative tabs on the side (size 12 month)

The dress is featured in my blog post here - it is a dress set with matching panties! (size 12 months)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My big boy!!!

I woke up this morning and browsed through facebook while feeding the baby and noticed that one of my mommy friends had a 10:30 mini photoshoot open.  I normally don't do last minute plans that involve getting gussied up but I thought it would be fun and give me the motivation to get ready!!!
I needed to finish Christian's shirt and I think this is the record time of finishing an embroidery job! :)  It still took about an hour but I had to alter the t-shirt to fit.  I didn't have a 3T and this was a 6T.  It still is pretty loose but not as bad as it would have been unaltered!

After the photoshoot we went to see Brave with Mimi and Pop Pop!  I couldn't believe little girl watched half the movie.....not just watched but intently watched!  It was so cute!  She conked out in Mimi's arms for the 2nd half - much to Mimi's pleasure!

I'll post the photos later next week when I get them!  I'm sure there will be some adorable shots!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

4th of July is coming up!!!!

It is going to be a fun year!!!  These are the cute outfits I've made for 2012 - several have been bought and shipped and a couple are thank you gifts to friends!  I have to say my favorite is my baby girl and her "weepublican!"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

{Sewing Technique Tip} - Bias Tape

I'm going to try to do a weekly tip in sewing techniques!!!  I'll pick one based on what I'm working with currently and what's come to the forefront of several projects that I've wanted to start on is bias tape.  To me, I tend to not work on a pattern because I'm too lazy to make the bias tape!!!  So, I've decided to hunker down tonight and sew several yards of bias tape in different fabrics.  That way I don't have an excuse to skip a project and I can add some fun flair to dresses/projects with various color bias tape! :-)

The tutorial that I suggest is

Off to sew!!!  (And watch Next Food Network Star while I cut my continuous tape! lol!)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Tutorial} - 2 Tone Dress

Supplies:  1 dress to create your pattern
fabric for yoke, body, bottom trim and lining of dress
(about 1/2 yard of lining and body...1/4 yard for yoke and trim)
Sewing machine
2 buttons (I used my grandma's vintage collection!)
Seam ripper and button hole attachment

Using your dress as an example, trace along the neck and arm sides to create the look that you want for the top of the dress.  Then, decide how long you want the dress to go and how wide you want your trim.  I cut out three different pieces after I had roughly drawn out what I wanted the finished product to look like.  I added 1/4" seam allowance on all the pieces!

You can see where I marked to cut on the fold for each edge

Cut out each piece for your dress (front and back) CUT ON THE FOLD!!!

Pin the front yoke to the top of the front body.  This was a little tricky because of the curve I wanted - but it worked out great!  Repeat for the back top and back body.

Press flat

Pin right sides together for the front bottom trim.  Repeat for the back bottom trim.

Here's what you should have!  (Don't forget to press!)  Also, if you want, I suggest to top stitch the trim now.  I didn't and now I wish I had! :)

Now, using your front and back pieces, trace along your lining fabric to have a front and back lining piece.  Remember to cut on the fold!

Taking the front and back pieces of your main dress, sew the side seams together.
Repeat for the side seams of the lining but leave 2 inches unsewn (not a word, but it makes sense to me!) so you have a place to turn fabric right side out in the end!  Also, press each side seam open.

Place the lining dress inside of the main dress right sides together.  Sew along the outer edge around the shoulders, neck and arm.  Trim to 1/8".

Turn out and press and top-stitch along the edge
This is the step that makes more sense to see it than read about it!  The way I learned was by watching a youtube video by Chidren's Corner.  You have to pin right sides together all along the bottom but it looks really wonky as you go along.  Don't all comes out in the end!!!

Here's the hole in the lining that I pulled the dress through.

Hand sew the lining hole closed and topstitch along the very bottom

Add your bottons on the shoulder!!!

The lining is so cute it could be worn reversible! 
I hope you enjoyed!!!!  Leave a comment or send me a picture if you use this tutorial to make your own!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


OK, I am pretty new at blogging (just since this year for the sewing blog) and since I've been following other craft blogs I've seen some great themes/contest/challenges that a lot of girls participate in!'s my first real challenge!!!  Being part of Delia Creates "Color Your Summer!"

My tutorial is going to be for a cute toy for Eva Mae!!!  It's a little color pillow (and maybe Christian will enjoy it too!) that I envisioned as I tried to think of something that I could do for this challenge!  My first thought was to make an outfit but then I thought it's not really unique and color specific - this little project/craft is specifically for various colors in my fabric stash!!! (The series starts June 4th but we'll be on our way to Idaho for 2 weeks during that time!  Since I had this idea I had to do it now......I couldn't sleep until it was finished!!!  Is there anyone else out there like that?)

Without further ado......the Color Ball Pillow Tutorial!

Step 1 - cut out 12 of the pattern - just free hand the shape below

I used a cute black and white fat quarter in my stash!

Step 2 - cut out 12 circles - it doesn't matter if they're not perfect.  I think mine were about 8" in diameter

Step 3 - take 3 of your triangle shaped pattern pieces and with right sides together, sew down the sides but not in the circle indent

After you've sewn 2 together, place the 3rd piece right sides with the center triangle

Here you can see what the wrong side looks like all sewn together.  Also notice that the hole is open in the side seam.

Repeat these steps with each set of 3 triangles!

Step 4 - take one of the circles and with right sides together, you're going to slowly bunch together the circle to the circular hole in the side seam

You'll end up with it looking all bunched up like this

Push it through to the wrong side

With the raw edges lined up, sew the rest of the circle closed.

Repeat these steps with all the circles!!!!

Step 5 - Now, take one group of 3 triangles and place them right sides together with another.  This is going to make one half of your ball!  You'll need to sew 2 more circles into this half of the ball.  Repeat with the other sets of 3 triangles

OK, so now you have both halves!

Step 6 - put your halves right sides together and sew all along the edge but leave a 4" opening to stuff!!!

Step 7 - Stuff your ball!  Sew the opening closed after you fill it to your liking!  Stuff in some jingle bells, cellophane paper, squeaker toys, etc. to make it even more exciting!

Now I'll have to get some pictures of Eva Mae playing with it!  She's going to love pulling on each little "spike" and as she grows we can talk about colors and patterns too!!!!


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