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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My big boy!!!

I woke up this morning and browsed through facebook while feeding the baby and noticed that one of my mommy friends had a 10:30 mini photoshoot open.  I normally don't do last minute plans that involve getting gussied up but I thought it would be fun and give me the motivation to get ready!!!
I needed to finish Christian's shirt and I think this is the record time of finishing an embroidery job! :)  It still took about an hour but I had to alter the t-shirt to fit.  I didn't have a 3T and this was a 6T.  It still is pretty loose but not as bad as it would have been unaltered!

After the photoshoot we went to see Brave with Mimi and Pop Pop!  I couldn't believe little girl watched half the movie.....not just watched but intently watched!  It was so cute!  She conked out in Mimi's arms for the 2nd half - much to Mimi's pleasure!

I'll post the photos later next week when I get them!  I'm sure there will be some adorable shots!
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