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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Top 10

Ok, after more web surfing with children's clothes blogs I finally feel like my head is no longer bobbing up and down in the waves and I have more of a handle on who I should follow!!!!

The list is a great top 10 for people like me that are just starting out on a blogging journey - I have found a few lesser known bloggers that I'll follow as well.......there is no lack of creativity out there!!!  I'm amazed at how these moms do it all!!!  I wish I could sew as often as a lot of these girls - at least I've found camaraderie in late night project finishers! haha! (By the way - these are in no particular order - you may find you like one blog better than another!) :)  Also, many of the blogs I learned about through Project Run and Play!  And it seems like these popular gals feature each other within their blog series! :)

#1 -
I want to get her book that she recently published - as well as go through all of her previous "series" to get more inspiration!!!

#2 -
She seems like such an interesting person to me! 6 kids! :)  And still time to sew and be crafty????

#3 -
I fell in love with her blog during the "Vintage May" series!  I posted my wrap style dress in the flickr group.  I also like how her blog is set up!

#4 -
She partnered with CINO for the Vintage May series and has a great writing style!

#5 -

I love her side ruffle bloomers tutorial!

#6 -

Simple Simon & Co
One of the website/blogs that I keep seeing around other sites!!!  Such a clean looking blog!

#7 -

This seems to be another blog that pops up all over the place!  I love seeing their button "The Shwin's Like My Stuff"!  Maybe I can post the button one day!!!  I can only dream! lol!

#8 -
I would like to take part in her purse challenge later in June!  One thing I plan to do over the summer and the course of the year is participate in various sewing challenges!!!

#9 -
Her little girl is so cute!  I love the petal sleeve tutorial she has!  I've pinned it in my children's clothes board

#10 -
She was my favorite in this season's PR&P!  I love her colors!!!

And like I said, I have a few others that I'm following but I wanted to keep a short list in case there are girls like me that feel a little overwhelmed with the thousands of blogs out there!!!!  Hopefully this will give you a head start and hours of enjoyment as you browse through the many tutorials featured on the various blogs!!!!

(and me!!!! hee hee!)

Sewing Mama RaeAnna

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm perusing the web again - I feel like there's a whole world out there of people just like me and I wish I could meet them all and chat while our kids play and we enjoy a cup of coffee!!!!

(In reality - I can totally see a lot of these girls chatting together with coffee over the internet - either before their kids get up in the morning or after they go to bed! haha!)

When I started sewing 2 years ago (April 2010) I scoured the web for help!  Youtube was a great resource as was the sewmamasew website and made-by-rae.  I wonder how many similar blogs sprouted up within that same time frame?  It's so neat to see cyber friendships among a lot of the popular crafty mom blogs!

Here's a link to my first sewing project: CLICK

I wish I had all the time in the world to read these wonderful posts from each amazing woman!  My Google reader is full of blogs that I've enjoyed so I "follow" their site!

Part of my time has also been trying to figure out how to set up my own blog to be something of interest to others!  If anyone stumbles across this blog post and has ideas for this newbie, let me know! :)

I think one reason blogging is popular among my demographic is that it's kind of an outlet for creativity after you've spent every ounce of energy on taking care of your kids!!!  I had no time for something like this 2 years ago while I was taking care of my precious boy and teaching 5-11 year olds every day!  Now that I stay home I'm so glad that I have a crafty hobby and a place where I can talk to other like minded girls! :)

I look forward to documenting the fun things I can sew and put together - especially as birthdays come up the rest of the year!!!!  Time to go visit pinterest and see what I need to do to get ready for our cowboy party in July! :)

Matching Cousins

I finished up the 3 pairs of shorts and appliqued t-shirts for Christian and his cousins!  The dress is a coordinating print from the "Montreux" collection!

I can't wait to get some pictures of all the kids together!  It's time for a vacation!!!!  2012 has not been kind to our families and we need some rejuvenating!  Although while we're on vacation with our families it will be bittersweet to know that it might be the last time we see some of the grandparents.  (Great grandparents to C and E!)

I also wanted to make some cute baby items for the new little girl we expect later this summer but time is starting to run out!!!  I wish I could create more hours in a day - staying up too late is not healthy for me!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Late Nights

I expect to be up way too late the next two weeks as I finish up projects!!!  I'm working on matching outfits for Christian and his cousins in Idaho!  It will be shorts and a monogrammed/appliqued t-shirt to match!  I have fabric to coordinate for a dress for Eva Mae and if I have time I'll make a newborn dress for the future cousin later this summer!

While I wait for my embroidery machine to finish a project (I HAVE to babysit it - you never know when a thread might break or "birds nest") I've found several blogs that I've started following!

Project Run and Play

  • I've always been a big Project Runway fan and this is even better because it's geared toward children's clothes!!!
Craftiness is Not Optional

  • I found this blog as she began a series called "Vintage May!"  I love all things vintage and I've really enjoyed the posts on vintage sewing/fabrics/patterns/notions/etc!
  • Also a part of "Vintage May!"  Great tutorials and creative ideas!!!

Also, a website I discovered that has sewing classes you can watch is called - there is a free class called "Sewing 911"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My workspace!

So a lot of blogs have pictures of the workspace and I figured I could snap a few pics of my controlled chaos!  I would love to add shelves to hold more fabric and clear floor space!

you can see my fancy new machine next to the computer monitor! :)

I love my ironing table!  It makes measuring super easy!

Here's a cute dress I finished up tonight! :)
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