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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm perusing the web again - I feel like there's a whole world out there of people just like me and I wish I could meet them all and chat while our kids play and we enjoy a cup of coffee!!!!

(In reality - I can totally see a lot of these girls chatting together with coffee over the internet - either before their kids get up in the morning or after they go to bed! haha!)

When I started sewing 2 years ago (April 2010) I scoured the web for help!  Youtube was a great resource as was the sewmamasew website and made-by-rae.  I wonder how many similar blogs sprouted up within that same time frame?  It's so neat to see cyber friendships among a lot of the popular crafty mom blogs!

Here's a link to my first sewing project: CLICK

I wish I had all the time in the world to read these wonderful posts from each amazing woman!  My Google reader is full of blogs that I've enjoyed so I "follow" their site!

Part of my time has also been trying to figure out how to set up my own blog to be something of interest to others!  If anyone stumbles across this blog post and has ideas for this newbie, let me know! :)

I think one reason blogging is popular among my demographic is that it's kind of an outlet for creativity after you've spent every ounce of energy on taking care of your kids!!!  I had no time for something like this 2 years ago while I was taking care of my precious boy and teaching 5-11 year olds every day!  Now that I stay home I'm so glad that I have a crafty hobby and a place where I can talk to other like minded girls! :)

I look forward to documenting the fun things I can sew and put together - especially as birthdays come up the rest of the year!!!!  Time to go visit pinterest and see what I need to do to get ready for our cowboy party in July! :)

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