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Friday, May 18, 2012

Late Nights

I expect to be up way too late the next two weeks as I finish up projects!!!  I'm working on matching outfits for Christian and his cousins in Idaho!  It will be shorts and a monogrammed/appliqued t-shirt to match!  I have fabric to coordinate for a dress for Eva Mae and if I have time I'll make a newborn dress for the future cousin later this summer!

While I wait for my embroidery machine to finish a project (I HAVE to babysit it - you never know when a thread might break or "birds nest") I've found several blogs that I've started following!

Project Run and Play

  • I've always been a big Project Runway fan and this is even better because it's geared toward children's clothes!!!
Craftiness is Not Optional

  • I found this blog as she began a series called "Vintage May!"  I love all things vintage and I've really enjoyed the posts on vintage sewing/fabrics/patterns/notions/etc!
  • Also a part of "Vintage May!"  Great tutorials and creative ideas!!!

Also, a website I discovered that has sewing classes you can watch is called - there is a free class called "Sewing 911"

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  1. And after I created this post I discovered that I wasn't babysitting my machine close enough!!! A sleeve snuck in underneath my embroidery!!! Argh!



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