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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green Pixie Baby Items

Marie at the Green Pixie Baby is selling these adorable bibs and onesies!!  I embroidered and appliqued them for her - go visit her store! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

I love my machine!

I just have to say that I love my new Singer Futura machine!  I've been staying up way too late the past 2 weeks!  Look at this adorable jon-jon that I finished for a friend!!!  Applique and embroidery have opened up a whole new world for me!

Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Fat Quarters into a Shirt

This is my attempt at a thorough tutorial on how to use 3 fat quarters to make an adorable boutique shirt!  (you'll also need an extra fat quarter or spare material for the lining)

Here's how I cut out the pattern.
Bodice - using a large bodice pattern from my collection I traced and cut out the front and back but I made 2 cut outs of the front and shaped them so they would meet at a "V" on an overlay.  (I hope that makes sense?  Basically I wanted it to look like the bodice of a wrap dress.)  Cut one of fabric and one of lining for each of the 3 pieces. 

Straps - cut 2 long strips - each about 2.5" by the full length of the fat quarter (about 22")

Belt - I just basically did the same thing as the straps but I cut about 5" wide and 22" long.  This way I could fold and press to enclose the seams of the skirt layer and the bodice.

Skirt - cut 2 strips 5"x22" in one color and 5"x22" in another color

The belt/straps/bodice

Close up of bodice

Close up of belt and straps

Close up of skirt

take the straps and fold right side together.  Sew up the edge and turn fabric to right side and press.  This picture shows the completed straps

Pin the back and front together (right sides together) on both the lining and main fabric.
Sew the side seams

Press the seams flat

Lay the lining and main fabric on top of each other right sides together.  Pin the straps by sandwiching them inbetween the fabric.

Sew all the way across the top - sewing together the lining to the main fabric and encasing the straps.

Turn right side out and press

This is the tricky part.  I folded the belt so that when I pinned it to the bodice it would be like it was hemmed.  I'm hoping from the pictures you can get an idea.  I also had to sew the ends of one side together to make the belt long enough to go around the entire front and back.  This is a picture after I sewed one end.

Pin it around the outside of the bodice and topstitch close to the top to attach it to the bodice.  Don't do anything to the bottom yet - that should still be a raw edge.  I did need to trim and fold the belt to be the right size for my bodice.

This is a picture of all my pressed folds.

Sew the sides together for both the main fabric skirt and 2nd color fabric skirt section.

Hem the bottom of the skirt section that will be on the bottom of the shirt.

Run a basting stitch across the top of both skirt sections and gather up in a ruffle. Pin the top section skirt to the folded bodice belt and sew all around.  You're going to kind of "sandwich" the folds of the belt around the raw edge of the skirt.

Pin the bottom of the first skirt section to the top of the hemmed skirt section

Sew with right sides together and go over again with a zig zag stitch close to the end to prevent a lot of fraying. (or serge ends)

Turn right side out and press

Add the buttonholes to the back of the bodice and you're done!!!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wrap Shirt

So I started out with 3 fat quarters and I used an old pattern to figure out how I wanted to design the bodice. My goal was to do something that looked like a Matilda Jane wrap dress. I wanted to make sure I thought I would have enough fabric to complete the outfit - it turns out that I had enough for a "shirt" - it's not quite long enough for a dress.

I would say that the size for this shirt is a 12 month since Eva Mae is wearing that size right now. (As a 4 month old!!! haha!)

Go to this blog for an AWESOME tutorial that helped me plan my vision:

 Although mine is quite a bit different, this was a great tutorial to read!!! I should have paid a little closer attention to the sash part of construction because that's where mine wasn't looking the best.

Here's my basic layout:
BODICE: 2 pieces for the front, 1 piece for the back
LINING: same as bodice
STRAPS: 2 really long strips
SASH: 1 long strip
RUFFLE: 2 thick and long strips for the bottom.

 Construction: I sewed the front and back bodices together for the lining and then the main fabric. Then I sewed the straps and attached them between the main fabric and lining (on the front only) and sewed all along the top of the bodice (lining and fabric) right sides together. I left the bottom as a raw edge since the sash and ruffle would cover the raw edge. I pressed a fold on the bottom and top of the sash and topstitched to the bodice. I sewed the first ruffle to the bottom of the sash and had to fold and sew to enclose the seam. Not exactly what I wanted but I made it work. I hemmed the bottom ruffle and attached it to the top ruffle. I made button holes on the back of the bodice for the straps to go through and tie.

 Enjoy the pictures of the finished product!!! :)

"Look at my pretty new shirt, Mommy!"
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