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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wrap Shirt

So I started out with 3 fat quarters and I used an old pattern to figure out how I wanted to design the bodice. My goal was to do something that looked like a Matilda Jane wrap dress. I wanted to make sure I thought I would have enough fabric to complete the outfit - it turns out that I had enough for a "shirt" - it's not quite long enough for a dress.

I would say that the size for this shirt is a 12 month since Eva Mae is wearing that size right now. (As a 4 month old!!! haha!)

Go to this blog for an AWESOME tutorial that helped me plan my vision:

 Although mine is quite a bit different, this was a great tutorial to read!!! I should have paid a little closer attention to the sash part of construction because that's where mine wasn't looking the best.

Here's my basic layout:
BODICE: 2 pieces for the front, 1 piece for the back
LINING: same as bodice
STRAPS: 2 really long strips
SASH: 1 long strip
RUFFLE: 2 thick and long strips for the bottom.

 Construction: I sewed the front and back bodices together for the lining and then the main fabric. Then I sewed the straps and attached them between the main fabric and lining (on the front only) and sewed all along the top of the bodice (lining and fabric) right sides together. I left the bottom as a raw edge since the sash and ruffle would cover the raw edge. I pressed a fold on the bottom and top of the sash and topstitched to the bodice. I sewed the first ruffle to the bottom of the sash and had to fold and sew to enclose the seam. Not exactly what I wanted but I made it work. I hemmed the bottom ruffle and attached it to the top ruffle. I made button holes on the back of the bodice for the straps to go through and tie.

 Enjoy the pictures of the finished product!!! :)

"Look at my pretty new shirt, Mommy!"
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  1. love this shirt! Your fabric combo is fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I get so many compliments on it when she wears it! I found yardage in the red floral and made a similar dress for my bestie and matching bloomers for Eva Mae! :)



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