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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Top 10

Ok, after more web surfing with children's clothes blogs I finally feel like my head is no longer bobbing up and down in the waves and I have more of a handle on who I should follow!!!!

The list is a great top 10 for people like me that are just starting out on a blogging journey - I have found a few lesser known bloggers that I'll follow as well.......there is no lack of creativity out there!!!  I'm amazed at how these moms do it all!!!  I wish I could sew as often as a lot of these girls - at least I've found camaraderie in late night project finishers! haha! (By the way - these are in no particular order - you may find you like one blog better than another!) :)  Also, many of the blogs I learned about through Project Run and Play!  And it seems like these popular gals feature each other within their blog series! :)

#1 -
I want to get her book that she recently published - as well as go through all of her previous "series" to get more inspiration!!!

#2 -
She seems like such an interesting person to me! 6 kids! :)  And still time to sew and be crafty????

#3 -
I fell in love with her blog during the "Vintage May" series!  I posted my wrap style dress in the flickr group.  I also like how her blog is set up!

#4 -
She partnered with CINO for the Vintage May series and has a great writing style!

#5 -

I love her side ruffle bloomers tutorial!

#6 -

Simple Simon & Co
One of the website/blogs that I keep seeing around other sites!!!  Such a clean looking blog!

#7 -

This seems to be another blog that pops up all over the place!  I love seeing their button "The Shwin's Like My Stuff"!  Maybe I can post the button one day!!!  I can only dream! lol!

#8 -
I would like to take part in her purse challenge later in June!  One thing I plan to do over the summer and the course of the year is participate in various sewing challenges!!!

#9 -
Her little girl is so cute!  I love the petal sleeve tutorial she has!  I've pinned it in my children's clothes board

#10 -
She was my favorite in this season's PR&P!  I love her colors!!!

And like I said, I have a few others that I'm following but I wanted to keep a short list in case there are girls like me that feel a little overwhelmed with the thousands of blogs out there!!!!  Hopefully this will give you a head start and hours of enjoyment as you browse through the many tutorials featured on the various blogs!!!!

(and me!!!! hee hee!)

Sewing Mama RaeAnna

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