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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Romper Week - Day 4 - Compagnie M.

Have you discovered Marte from Compagnie M. yet?  I came across her blog a month or so ago when someone posted a link to her free pattern page!  I couldn't believe the talent I saw and I noticed her blog was relatively new!!!  I jumped at the chance to have her participate with us this week and knew she would come up with something fun and fresh!  This romper does not disappoint!!!!

Check out Marte's blog and see what else she planned to do with the pattern!!!

Have you linked up or added your romper to the Flickr group?  I just checked our link party entries and one of the most popular links is......

 (and how cool is that Marte's romper and Michelle's romper have a similar color scheme?!)

You HAVE to go check out how Michelle of Handmade Martini FLIPped the E&E Bubble Shorts to create this adorable romper! - CLICK HERE!

Join us tomorrow to see what Vanessa at Designs By Sessa did for her cute niece!  

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  1. Thanks, RaeAnna! Marte's blog is spectacular! Great job with this series!

    1. Thanks, girl!!! You are super talented!

  2. The rompers are adorable. My grand daughter is potty training, so the rompers will have to wait awhile.

  3. These are so awesome! Thank you Marte and RaeAnna! And Michelle for the pattern flip inspiration. I'm loving these series!

  4. Looks like we found Marte about the same time...I'm in love with her style!!!!! Now I'm heading over to read Michelle's blog and follow her all over the net! :)



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