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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 4 Boys Wear

Meet my handsome buddy!!!  I feel so bad that the past few months have been image heavy on only my baby girl!!! lol!  Poor buddy has been left out!  But not any longer!!!  This adorable set is the perfect dress up outfit! (And yet, still casual with the applique t-shirt!)

I started with some pinstripe material from JoAnn's and cut out the pants according to the Blank Slate Basics 4T pattern from Melly Sews!

I love this action shot with the sun coming down on his golden hair!  So spiffy!

The adorable vest is a pattern from The Mother Huddle that is listed on SewSet!

And last but not least, the applique shirt is a black tee from Walmart with the tuxedo applique pattern from Planet Applique

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  The outfit will be worn on Halloween with a top hat and penciled mustache along with our little circus elephant baby! :)  I don't think mommy and daddy will dress up this year - maybe we'll just walk around with a bag of peanuts!


  1. very cute! I love vests for little boys.

  2. I tried to leave a comment earlier and when I was showing my 9 year old daughter the other creations so far, I noticed it was gone. My 4 year old daughter said he looks like a gentleman. She also guessed exactly where your pictures were taken (from the flikr pictures even). Turns out you live in our neck of the woods. Nice to have some sewing company here:)



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