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Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Day 1

Meg at Elsie Marley has a HUGE following of mama sewers right now for Kids Clothes Week Challenge - sew an hour a day for a week!  I am about to get my hour in but I wanted to post my first creation from this week!  I'm calling it the "Bumblebee" dress since it's yellow/gray/black! :)  I whipped it up the other night after chatting with some local mom's in our facebook group!  One of the moms has become obsessed with the smocked auction groups and may have developed a little addiction! :)

She posted this picture...............

........and I told her I could probably sew a similar style that night.  So, I stupidly stayed up until 2am to finish!! LOL! (I did start at around 11pm so it didn't take a whole lot of time!!!)

Here's the finished product

I may create a tutorial in the future for anyone interested on how I made it.  I just basically took a bodice pattern piece, added ruffles and sleeves. I just ordered the exact chevron fabric so it would make a pretty cool DIY post! :)
 And my beautiful model!!!!

Look at those blue eyes!!!!

Also, I am so excited for my friend Veronica at SewVery!  She is so sweet to blog about our collaboration a couple weeks ago on 2 reversible dresses!!! Please visit her blog and read about it!!!  I love this picture of her daughter, Ella!


  1. Great job! What a darling dress, and even more darling model. People like you who can "wing it" without a pattern AMAZE me.

  2. That dress is simply divine! Looks so cute on that precious baby too.



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