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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Andrea over at Train to Crazy has started a fun Instagram party - each week is a theme to share your love of sewing!

I am lame and don't have a smart phone so I can't participate with a camera phone, but I still thought it would be fun to participate through the blog!  Plus, I needed to clean up my sewing space for company on Thursday and thought I better document it since you'll probably never see it this clean in the future! lol!

In this pic you can see the bookcase that has all my fabric.  I would like to get shelves with doors at some point to install on the walls!  I think that would look a lot nicer and tidy! :)

Here's the view of the sewing table and dresser that has all my patterns and notions!  The door with the wreath is the laundry room.  You can also see the serger and behind the Sewing For Boys book is my smocking pleater.

Here's the computer desk with my embroidery machine hooked up! :)  I love having everything right next to each other!  

I found that you can search Instagram photos so if you want to see what other people have posted click here!

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  1. That's fun to still do it on your blog! I don't have a smart phone either!!! But things like this make me want one really bad! haha!



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