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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Uh oh - change of plans for KCWC

***************10/5/12 UPDATE***************
I'm so bummed!!!!  The plans to sew up the 5 pieces for VFT fell through but they were so sweet to send me the 5 patterns to thank me for my willingness to help them out!!!  Such a sweet company!  You all need to check them out! :)  I think I may need to sew the Molly Jacket and Whitney Pants for KCWC!


So after I posted that my plan is to sew the Heidi and Finn Urban Weekender Jacket I got a call from the girls at Violette Fields Threads asking me to help them make samples for Quilt Market!!!!   WOWEE!!!  What an honor!  So, I will absolutely be sewing a few hours a day to finish up these fine patterns!!!  Here's what I will be sewing:

Go check out their page and see the awesome creations!!!  What's even more awesome is that these girls are local!!! Yay for Spring Hill/Thompsons Station! :)

My plan is to still sew the Urban Weekender after the samples are finished so Eva Mae can have a cute jacket for the fall! :)

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  1. You know, I looked at their site the other day to find out where they were from but couldn't find it. That is so awesome that they are local! I love the Josephine blouse and the Whitney pants!



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