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Saturday, October 27, 2012

More fun with my Singer Futura! :)

 I have been keeping pretty busy with my embroidery machine and it's so much fun to sit and relax while creating something new!!! lol!

I just LOVE how the entire design is embroidered instead of appliqued.  We were going to go with an applique "N" but decided this look seemed a little more classic!

This is the latest fully handmade outfit I've created!  I bought the blue gingham fabric from JoAnn's craft store and lined it with a soft flannel so that Noah can wear it through the winter!  His mommy is going to take some professional quality pictures that I'll be able to use if I ever open up an etsy store! :)

The pattern is Children's Corner Johnny - It's been my tried and true Jon-Jon and Long-all pattern since Christian was a baby!  At first glance it seems big but I held up one of Eva Mae's 18 month sleepers and it matched the length and width - hopefully the fit will work when Noah tries it on! :)

In other news, my friend Veronica over at SewVery has been experimenting with embroidery and applique!  It's so much fun to see fellow moms using crafty talent to make beautiful clothing!!!  She had problems with the Brother PE770 that she ordered from Amazon (BROTHER PE770 SEW Embroider Machine with USB (Google Affiliate Ad)) but after using medium weight cutaway stabilizer instead of tear away I think it will end up working just fine for her!  I might create a link back to her site when she does her first blog post on embroidery!  We have so much fun when we meet up to let our little 3 year olds play!!!  They used up a ton of energy at the zoo yesterday!  I hate that I forgot my camera again.  Next time I'm going to snap some pics!  They were adorable holding hands as Ella tried to get Christian to climb the rope ladder!

I have 4 more appliques to take pictures of this weekend and I'll blog about them soon!!!  And I'm excited to work on Eva Mae and Christian's Christmas jammies!!!  ADORBS!!! :)


  1. RaeAnna, I love the new look of your blog! And a quick update, I appliqued Ella a t-shirt yesterday!

  2. So cute. I have an embroidery machine and rarely use it. I need to get with it and make some cute clothes like this for my grandsons.



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