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Monday, June 2, 2014

Tilly Skirt

I'm so happy to offer my newest pattern to the public!  The Tilly Skirt was featured in the Sewing Rabbit Pattern Member bundle for May and now it is available for everyone!  I hope you were able to grab it for the discounted price with the SR membership! (Only $10 a month and you get 3 patterns!!!)

To tell you more about the pattern, I thought I would post the interview from Jess at the Sewing Rabbit!


Talking with RaeAnna


Today we are talking with my good friend RaeAnna. RaeAnna is not only on this year’s Sewing Rabbit Team – but she is also the author of the fabulous sewing blog Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  I have known this Southern mamma for a couple of years now, and I can honestly say – she is one of the sweetest ladies out there. Her kindness shows through in every little thing she does, and I a honored to call her friend.

The Tilly Skirt has been such a labor of love for RaeAnna, and it was so much fun being behind the scenes watching the pattern process come together for her. I feel like for every designer this process is a little bit different, and being privy to RaeAnna’s behind the scenes Tilly skirt creation was so much fun. I was able to see how her pattern testers would give feedback, and RaeAnna’s first hand response – see the photos as they came through with each and every test run – and watch the relationships form between all of the testers and RaeAnna. After about 3 months of trials, the final skirt was brought to fruition – and I can confidently say that this pattern is a skirt that everyone loves.

When I asked RaeAnna to talk a little but about herself and the Tilly Skirt for the Pattern Members, here is what she had to say… Hello Sewing Rabbit friends!  I am RaeAnna and feel so honored to be involved in a pattern launch for our Sewing Rabbit bundles! 

What inspired you to make the Tilly Skirt?  The Tilly Skirt was inspired by a lot of the asymmetrical lines I’ve been seeing in fashion! I thought by adding a pleated panel with an angled hem it would create a statement that could be interpreted as modern or whimsical! As you can see from some of the tester photos I feel that it has accomplished just that!!!

Do you like to mix and match a lot of prints or are you simple and modern? I sometimes struggle with that identity myself. I’m drawn to geometric prints and muted colors, but when I pick out fabrics and patterns for my daughter I am usually drawn to girly with a HUGE influence of southern charm! :)

After watching your pattern testing feedback process, I was really impressed. How do you pick out your testers for each pattern? I choose them from my pattern FB groups – you can feel free to join my pattern FB group anytime! ( I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. I’m fairly new to pattern design but I would love to have you check out my other patterns available on my blog –!
Thanks so much for being here RaeAnna! I am so excited to sew up your skirt this week.  I already have my chambray fabric picked out from the clearance bin at Jo-Anns, total SCORE.


I tell you what, Jess has been such an encouragement to me this year!  I'm so blessed to have been chosen for the Sewing Rabbit 2014 team and love building relationships between my fellow team members and the readers that I wouldn't have met without her influence!

 Here are the details of the pattern:


You can click "Shop" at the top of my site to grab the pattern!  
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Here are some more pictures of finished Tilly Skirts!  Thanks so much for supporting me!!!

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  1. Such a lovely pattern. I've been wanting to take good photos of the two I made for my daughter but the weather just didn't cope so far. =D



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