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Monday, June 9, 2014

Style That Kid!

WARNING!!!  This post is image heavy!!! (You may experience cuteness overload from looking at so many Eva Mae pictures!)

I'm reviewing the AWESOME new e-book by Alida of Alida Makes called Style that Kid!  Alida has the coolest style and  she has generously shared her knowledge with all of us to help us take better pictures of our kids!  I still have a lot of work to do but I want to share some of what I learned!

First, I want to break this post up into 2 categories:  STYLE and PHOTOGRAPHY!


I want to take the Easter dress I made for Eva Mae and talk about how I re-styled it after reading Alida's book!  Her book is a treasure trove of tips and suggestions that I've never really thought before!  Originally, I put Eva Mae in the white dress, with white tights, white shoes, and a white hat.  Hmmm...... contrast much?!
It was great for Easter but after reading the book "Style That Kid" I thought it might be fun to take the same dress and add different elements like color, texture, and hair and show off the dress in a new way! (These are straight out of the camera and unedited)
I put cowboy boots on with lace socks, and gave her a bright pink bouquet of flowers! 
Fun, right?!  For our shoot I also tried to think about the lighting.  "Golden Hour" is my new favorite!
 Our neighbor joined us for the little photoshoot and you can tell even with this unedited photo, the lighting is so much better than a lot of my photos from last year!

Photographing a 2 year old is unpredictable at times!!!  Alida talks about her process of discovery and what elements made her favorite photos stand out to her and having that "control" over your photoshoot is so valuble when you can't exactly control your child!

Now, let's talk more about 


 With STYLE I compared the same dress with 2 different styling choices.  For this section I am going to compare my photography skills from last year with the E&E Bubble Pocket Top to this year's E&E Bubble Pocket Top!
(Buy the pattern here - affiliate link)

Notice how in most of the pictures I am standing and shooting hap hazerdly to try to get a full shot of the "Tornado Tot" (The nickname we gave Eva Mae!!!)


The outfit looks cute against the green grass but the sunlight is directly above her
And the picture looks overexposed - you can't really see the cute print of the fabric!

And I probably took 60-70 pictures of this outfit and these were the best - if I had put more thought into the timing of our photoshoot, the sunlight itself would have made the pictures look so much better!

The pictures of the outfit this year are edited but you can see as an example how beautiful the sunlight on her hair is framing the shot!  Rather than beating directly down on us!
And it did take extra work to drive her to a location - I loved how the textures of our surroundings added interest to the picture!

The whole process of being a "Kids Clothes Blogger" will develop your creative skills not only in sewing, but in photography, style, etc!
Seeking out knowledge to better your skill is something I think we all should do!!!  
And you are in luck if you want to learn more about styling your photography!!!  
You can win a free copy of the e-book!!

I look forward to sharing more of my photography with you as I continue to learn and practice!  In fact, if you want to check out my new photography page go to!

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