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Monday, June 16, 2014

Romper Week Day 1 - House of Estrela and Call Ajaire

Welcome to day 1!

I am sending you off to two FABULOUS bloggers today!

Magda of House of Estrela and I became friends through sew alongs and competing with each other in the Sew Off last year!  She is very close to welcoming baby #2 into the family!  I sometimes stalk her blog to see how close she is to having the baby!
Ajaire of Call Ajaire makes AMAZING outfits and was a participant on Project Run & Play this past season!  Ajaire, you did so amazing and I loved seeing your creations each week!

And come back tomorrow for Melissa of Sew Like My Mom and Jess at If Only They Would Nap!


  1. Thanks so much for having me. I'll be 37 weeks next friday, this baby is in a hurry to make his entrance into this world... anytime now!

  2. Thanks for having me RaeAnna! I love sharing the day with Magda :)



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