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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Terry Cloth Romper - Romper Week 2014

I have a very sweet post to share with you today!  As you know, we are officially kicking off "Romper Week" on Monday with Call Ajaire and House of Estrela!  
If you missed the introductory information, this year we have a TON of prizes and a contest!  CLICK HERE to open a new window and read about it!

Since this week I'm highlighting my blogging friends, I wanted to kick off the series with my own post!  And I knew several months ago what I would tackle...... a flashback romper!

This is me around 2 or 3 years old with Bridgett, our Irish Setter!  We are standing outside my grandma's house and I'm dressed in the terry cloth romper that my grandma made me!  (She made sooo many of our clothes when we were little!  See this tribute post about her!)

I knew when I found this picture at my mom's house that I needed to re-create the outfit for Eva Mae!

Although I couldn't get it just right with the background of houses and the doggy, I did try to style her hair with some curls and position her with the sunlight coming in the same direction! 

I thought it was so neat when I came back to edit these photos that the little flap of the v-neck was resting in the same position as my old photo!

The drafting took a little bit of time to get the proportions.  The first romper I made was too wide and the waist was too low.  After I fixed those ratios I went in search of a mint green towel to try again!

I was so excited to put it on her and see it fit perfectly!  If you want to try it out with written directions and pattern pieces for a skinny 2T I am happy to send it to you!  Unfortunately I didn't take any photos during the process since I wasn't sure if it would work out or not!  I will add this pattern to my "to-do" list of designs I need to draft and grade!

And everyone loves an outtake shot, right?

 This was the face I got when she was tired of me taking her picture!  She just wanted to go play!!!

Happy girl!!!

We walked over to our neighborhood playset and she was right as rain!  In fact, this little area is perfect for photos and the sunlight was just right that I didn't edit any of these!  The white swing set, blue sky, and green grass give a warm summer feel to all of these pictures!

You can see in the picture above how I tried to re-create my baby curls!  Christian was my curly headed baby!  Eva Mae's hair is much more fine (and longer) than mine at this age!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll come back Monday morning to join us for our Romper Week celebration!  Get your sewing machine going and share your favorite romper creation in the link-up party!

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  1. Oh my gosh you did a great job! She looks so cute. I love the shot with her on the stairs.

  2. You can tell she totally loves it!

  3. What a sweet story! The romper looks just like your old one, and Eva Mae looks just like you!

  4. I love it that you've recreated your own romper your grandma made you. It's funny that the collar looks just the same in that photo. She looks so cute in these photos too, you really had a great light, they're so good even without any editing.

  5. What a sweet tribute to your grandma :) Eva Mae looks darling in her romper :)

  6. So cute! You did a great job at recreating your old one!

  7. Now I need to make a terry romper! This is so adorable RaeAnna! You did such a great job matching the looks. I love that color green on her too.

  8. Are your going to re-post the link party now that it's open for voting, or shall I direct my oh-so-may-fans (she says sarcastically) to this post to vote?



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