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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pattern Tour Day 10 - Blogs Like a Mother and Feathered Ruffles + your creations!

It's the final day of the pattern tour!!!  Thank you so much for visiting these awesome bloggers and their sewing creations!  I have more eye candy for you in this post but before you scroll all the way down make sure you visit the blogs of our last two participants!

First up is Sarah at Blogs Like a Mother!  
She used the VERY popular fox fabric that is at JoAnn's - I will let you in on a secret.....I haven't been to JoAnn's in FOREVER.  Not because I don't want to but because I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.  'Nuff said. :(  I have shopped online at JoAnn's with their awesome coupons and I love feeling like I get a deal every time I type in a coupon code!!!

Next up is Melle at Feathered Ruffles!
Melle was another of my Bumblebee dress testers and came up with some wonderful versions that all had exquisite detail like enclosing all the seams!

Now, on to some more recent Bumblebee dresses that have been shared with me on Facebook!!!
This is April's little girl and her vintage Bumblebee birthday dress!
 This precious girl just turned one and April used some vintage pillowcases to come up with this beautiful heirloom dress!  (Could you tell April is also a professional photographer?!)  My jaw dropped when I saw this picture!
 Just Sew Stinkin Cute shared this Christmas Bumblebee with me and again, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!
  The headpiece is STUNNING and I love the added lace and bows to the bodice!  I think any little girl would love to get dressed up like this for a Christmas party!
Kutie Pie Creations came up with this Christmas Bumblebee
  I loooooooove the color scheme!  It's so much fun to find Christmas prints that are vibrant in colors instead of red/green/white!  The pop of pink and teal make this dress so much fun!
Lucy's Attic has some wonderful fall dresses in her shop like this one!
This is another fabric that I wish I had been able to pick up at the store!  This is a soft corduroy in fall colors from Hobby Lobby!  How perfect will this dress be for Thanksgiving?!
Sew Serene Handmade Creations shared this version - I think I have a new favorite color scheme in orange and teal!!!
  I may need to go fabric shopping to see what I can come up with!  I just visited her page and she's taking Bumblebee Christmas orders!
  And these were created by Michelle!  She just finished the adorable Christmas Bumblebee with applique and her daughter is wearing the teal and gray Bumblebee in her family photo!!!

  I think this is such a precious family photo and I love the idea of having a door in the background!  It's such a blessing to see so many young families with moms like me that love sewing for their kids and home!  

And Sue just finished her first Bumblebee dress!

Look how cute this fabric is!  It's the perfect dress for Thanksgiving with those cute turkeys!

You all have no idea how happy I've been to see this dress pattern come to life in your fabric pairings and creative sewing!  Thank you for making my first pattern tour a success and encouraging me as I grow my business!  

As a thank you and a way to give back, every pattern sale today will be donated to a school in Haiti!  If you would like to learn more about the school and how you can feed a child for a day for only $5 visit their website at:

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