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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coco Scrubs by My Friend Tammy!

I love having crafty friends!!!  It's so much fun to get together and inspire each other in our creativity!  Whether it is through music, arts, crafts, etc!  Being creative is something that can bring happiness to ourselves and others!!!

My friend Tammy and I met in college back in the late 90's - she has always been super gifted in music and has toured all around the world!  I love that we both ended up in the Nashville area!  Several years ago I played accordion for her band at a couple of concerts!  I had sooooo much fun!  I need to get my accordion out more often! (And I hate that I can't find any photos online from our fun but here's a great picture of her and her hubby!)  Go check out her music here!

Tammy is also a talented visual artist (here) and makes beautiful jewelry (here)!

Her latest venture is sugar scrubs!!!!  My obsession with smelly things led me to get a wee bit competitive with her first giveaway contest!  I didn't win BUT she is an AMAZING person and gave me two scrubs to review on the blog!!!  Yippee!!!

She has a beautiful website that you can browse to see all that she has to offer!  I have been using the Pink Grapefruit Scrub and the Lemon Poppyseed Scrub!

I love her added detail and personalization with the hand written card!  The ingredients are ALL NATURAL!!  I love that she doesn't put anything harmful in the scrubs and the quality of the ingredients really does make it a great product!  The grapefruit scrub smells divine and energizing and leaves your skin creamy smooth!

The lemon poppyseed scrub may tempt you to put a bit in your mouth (I may or may not have succumb to that temptation......let's just say it's as pleasing on the palette as it is on the skin! hee hee!)

I think it is so fun that she is adventurous in her ingredients!  I thought it was genius that she didn't actually use poppyseeds in this particular scrub - but chia seeds!!!  They are beautiful!

She also makes soaps that look so exquisite - even prettier than the bars at Whole Foods!!!

Thank you so much, dear friend, for the opportunity to review your products!  I wish you the BEST success and encourage everyone to go grab your favorite scrub or soap to add to your stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts this year!!!

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