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Friday, August 16, 2013

Bumblebee Dress Pattern Available!

It's here!!!!!  Thanks to my wonderful testers I can now announce that you can purchase and download the
Bumblebee Dress sewing pattern!

Click Here!

This is my first pattern for purchase....... it all started back in October 2012 when I sewed the first
"Bumblebee Dress" and it got it's name!
Click Here to read about it!

Now, I can offer it in sizes 3m-6 with several different variations!!! 
(It's funny to go back to my old posts and see how my photography has improved!!!)

View A has the adorable ruffle bodice with 3/4 length ruffle sleeves!
View B has the sweet neck ruffle that adds a special detail to the back and a fun skirt ruffle for exceptional twirling!

You can switch out sleeve options, bodice options, and skirt options!  

I want to see what you come up with!  Suzanne at Pattern Revolution and has started a "Link Party" where you can link up a picture of the version you have sewn!  I would love to see all the wonderful creations!

Before I show you some of the awesome tester photos I also wanted to let you know that I will work on larger sizes.  I'm not as comfortable with the measurements for older girls but I know that there are many of you out there that would be willing to test and help me make it work!  If you purchase the version today I will send you an updated sizing to include 6x-12.  It will take a while to make sure I have all the measurements and testing done but I will be sure to announce it on the blog when it's ready!  (And when I'm ready for testers!!!)

Sizes 7-12 are complete!  The instant download will have sizes 3m-6 on pages 1-30 and sizes 7-12 on pages 31-41
Now, here's some eye candy for you!  All my testers were so helpful and creative - these fabric choices had me swooning!

1. Baby Sweetness 2. Laree 3. Heidi Boatman 4. Maura Jean & Co. 5. Nicole 6. Abby Roses Closet 7. Jenny 8. Pris Sewn 9. House of Estrela 10. Becky Amshoff 11. Climbing the Willow 12. Suzanne Winter 13. Shaunna Brown 14. Damsels and Dragons 15. Ashley Talbot 16. Jessica Fulton 17. Ashley Talbot 18. Tracy King 19. Fun Expressions Boutique 20. Makings for Myah 21. Chelsea at GYCT 22. Ava's Closet 23. Bean and Buddy Creations 24. Little O

Please forgive me if I missed any of your pictures!  Feel free to add to the Flickr Album with links back to your store/site/blog!  I know I love to get inspiration by seeing other completed projects!

Don't forget when you download your Bumblebee pattern to also grab the Sweet & Simple Bloomers
for your baby to wear under her new dress!

I would love to give away the pattern to 1 lucky winner! (And you can go enter at the Pattern Revolution for another chance too!)  Easy entry - just like my Facebook page!!!  The winner will be announced Monday morning, August 19th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for this opportunity to get my foot in the door as a pattern designer!!!  I hope you enjoy this dress as much as I do!

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  1. Congrats, RaeAnna! Thank you for allowing me to test this beautiful pattern for you. It is so easy to sew and the sky is the limit for what you can do with it. I look forward to making many more!

    1. Thank you so much for posting this so clearly. But, what is the average cost of an engagement ring? Non the less, wonderful write up!

  2. I just adored seeing all the tester dresses together!!!! Congratulations on your new wonderful pattern and good luck for your future <3

  3. Look at all those cute little girls!!! The pattern is lovely RaeAnna and so easy to sew up!! Congratulations :)

  4. Congratulations on your first pattern, RaeAnna. It's a gorgeous little dress!!!

  5. congrats! i didn't realize this was going to be your first pattern for sale! *does happy cheering you on dance*

    the dress and pattern are just amazing. Everyone who purchases it will be THRILLED with the results and the options... even beyond View A and View B!

    I'm planning to work on a review and pictures for my blog also and linking them up over on Pattern Review. :) Thank you so much for letting me play along with everyone!

  6. All the dresses are so cute! It's interesting to see all the dresses created from the same pattern.

  7. Darling! And so are the models! Congrats on creating your first pattern!



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