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Monday, August 12, 2013

Diamond Candle Giveaway


Wow!  I can't believe I am so close to 1,000 Facebook likes!!!  To celebrate I have a couple of giveaways this week!

The first - a DIAMOND CANDLE!!!
(disclaimer - I was sent this candle as a promotional giveaway but all opinions are my own.)

Diamond candles are all natural soy candles that are like Cracker Jack Boxes for girls that like nice smelling rooms!!! haha!  I totally felt that excitement you would get when opening a new Cracker Jack box or cereal box with a toy when you were a kid!

I  chose the orange vanilla scent.  I love citrus smells!  It is really a nice "flavor" that is not overpowering.  It's a very warm and fresh scent!

I would say that I had to burn the candle for several hours over the span of 4 days to get to the foil wrapped ring!  They say that your ring will be worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!!!


Mine is definitely not a $5,000 ring but it's really cute!  It has a nice setting and the center stone has a red color - maybe garnet or ruby if I'm lucky?!
I was surprised at the actual size of the candle!  It really is big!  You can click here to read more about the candles and company!  If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for a girlfriend you should definitely order one of these for you and your friend!

Diamond Candles is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter - it's fun to see some of the different rings that have been uncovered in the candle!!! Check out the $100+ board to see some pretty finds!
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  1. That's really cool! Some of those rings look pretty amazing!

  2. mmmm orange vanilla sounds YUMMY! I've been introduced to Scentsy this summer so I'm on a smell good kick around here!



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