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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Glamping in Modes4U

I love seeing all the recent posts on camping outfits!  I do confess that I LOVE the word "Glamping!"  I think I first heard the term on one of the Project Runway episodes where Tim and Heidi took the contestants to a beautiful camping resort and their challenge was to be inspired by nature!  Our family goes camping every year but I have never been pampered on a camping trip like the PR contestants were that week!  Have you???  If so, I am completely jealous!!!


I was asked back in February to do a sponsored post from fabric by and fell in LOOOOVE with this print!  Since our family loves to camp I thought this would make the perfect outfit for Eva Mae!

 Modes4u has cute children fabric - this specific print is called Onigiri Japanese Rice Balls - found here!

 I knew that some sort of romper would showcase this fabric and I had been waiting for the perfect project to try out the Sew Like My Mom pattern Kudzu Coveralls!  Melissa has been hard at work creating new patterns - she has a free pattern that came out earlier today for some adorable shorts and hinted to me that she will soon be working on a new dress pattern!  You should go check out her shop and blog to see all the cuteness!

I was really hoping that we would be on our annual Mother's Day camping trip but the forecast was rain all weekend so our camping photoshoot was replaced with some "Glamping" up the backyard to get some cute shots!

I love the gusto that Eva Mae puts into eating her favorite foods!  It reminds me of the many shots I took for the Cupcake Top pattern photoshoot!  For all my healthy mama readers out there, I PROMISE my children eat real food and not just sugar!!!

 One other highlight I wanted to mention with this project is the easy way the pattern came together.  I mentioned in my Sewing Rabbit post that having pattern pieces that use "negative space" to cut out the pattern make it SUPER EASY to put together!  Melissa uses this technique with the Kudzu Coveralls and I whipped up the outfit in less than an hour!  The shoulder straps are long enough that you can adjust the length with snaps or buttons.  I used snaps and the fit is perfect!

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll go check out all the super cute fabrics and items in the Modes 4 U shop!  I have my eye on some pretty Echino fabric for a future project!

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  1. These are the most adorable overalls I've seen in a very long time, and that fabric is as sweet as those marshmellows! Yummy!



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