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Thursday, May 1, 2014

E&E Spring Showers Jacket Tour

First off, I want to shout from the rooftops THAAAAANK YOOOOU HEIDI!!!  I always am so excited to sew and review something from E&E Patterns!  Her designs are always amazing! 
This rain jacket does not disappoint!

I want to talk to you about two things in this post:  The fabric I chose and the pattern itself!

Let's start with the fabric!

It will always be super special to me because I bought it on a Blogger Day Out with some of my best blogging friends!

Do you recognize any of these lovely ladies?  I stole the pictures from Ashley and Emily's blog (Frances & Suzanne) when they blogged about our fun day out!  READ IT HERE!
(Pictured:  Me, Ashley, Michelle, Lindsay, Emily, and Veronica!)
We had several others join us on our fun day that aren't pictured here - I can't wait to do it again!


The Fabric Studio is a brand new fabric/sewing store in Nashville and our little group was there on opening day!  I was super stoked when I went to the counter to buy my fabrics and she told me that I was the FIRST OFFICIAL CUSTOMER!  They had an opening ceremony the night before but it wasn't for purchasing anything....they opened up for official business on Saturday morning when we were there and I was lucky to be the first in line to hand over my moolah!

If you're ever in town you should stop by and check them out!  I love their fabric display!
You see that empty roll on the left?!  Yep!  That's where the sweet bumblebee fabric came from!  The fabric is called Sweet As Honey by Art Gallery and the lining is Dear Stella!

Now, let's talk about this amazing pattern!  

(links to the pattern shop are affiliate links! 
If you purchase through my link you help add to my meager sewing funds!!!)
Here are my favorite aspects of the pattern:
  • The hood!  (I love the lining on the inside of the hood - you could have so much fun with contrasting fabrics!  I omitted the little flap on the front for my version.)
  • The zipper! (GREAT instructions and I love how the zipper flap looks!)
  • The waist casing! (It makes the fit look so chic!  And I think it helps show off the hi-lo hem!)
  • The pockets! (I changed mine up a bit in the flaps and angled the edges!)

You really can't go wrong with this pattern and I can't wait to work on another for my son!
(And maybe next time I will look closer at the selvage edge before I cut....I think the bumblebee damask pattern is supposed to go the other direction.....oops!)

The sizing is a 2/3 and I sewed it exactly from the pattern because I knew I wanted something that she could wear for the rest of this season and in the fall (and maybe even next spring!)

The instructions do say to try on your outer jacket before you complete the lining to make sure you like the fit!  I knew that it would be a little big but I wanted it to grow with her!

And are you ready to jump for joy with Eva Mae.........

Heidi has a coupon for you to take $1 off your purchase price of the pattern!  Enter the code TOUR at checkout!



Thanks for stopping by today!!! 

You all are so sweet to ask about the water resistant treatment (or lack thereof!)  I was hoping to have another blog post to talk about making my own umbrella and treating the fabric of the umbrella and the coat but I ran out of time (and I probably won't get to it for another few months the way things are piling up! haha!)  Anyway, on our blogger day out, the ladies at Children's Corner showed us a product that is recommended for treating fabric to be used specifically for umbrellas (and rain coats!)  It's Scotchguard Outdoor Water Shield! 
(affiliate link)

I haven't tried it yet but once I do (and I finish the umbrella!) I will be sure to post a new blog all about it!!!

I am the last on the tour but you can go check out all the previous jackets here!

Elegance & Elephants


  1. I'm totally in love with your jacket RaeAnna! And a little (ok, a lot) jealous of your Blogger Day Out! :) And what a neat shop and thrill to get to be their first customer. I'm so glad you like the pattern and I appreciate this awesome review. Thank you for joining in the tour!

  2. Amazing job! I love to see things go from flat fabric to adorable garment! Did you waterproof the fabric with the spray?

  3. Very cute, looks like she is in love with it as well. I love how versatile this pattern is, ever one has been so different but all so well constructed.

  4. This is perfect! I've been thinking about trying the treatment you guys were talking about for waterproofing fabric. Love your fabric choice and the precious pattern! Great job!

  5. Yes!! We, too, want to know more about the spray.... Did you use it? How did it work? Give us the lowdown, please!!

  6. Such a cute fabric choice. Love your jacket!! I'm going to be in Nashville this summer for Craft South. I sure hope I can check out this shop. Are you local to Nashville?

  7. Perfect combination of fabric, pattern, and model! I'd love to see you join us at the Inspire Us Thursday link party on The Inspired Wren.



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