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Friday, September 13, 2013

Diaper Cover Round-up

A fellow sewing friend suggested that there should be an extensive diaper cover round up for people that are searching for that perfect extra baby fashion staple!!!  I listed my favorite free patterns here - some range in sizes from only 0-3m to newborn-24m!  Just find the one that works the best for you!!!  If you need larger sizes there are patterns available for purchase!  I didn't want to recommend one over others since the only patterns I've actually used for diaper covers over 24m are the Children's Corner diaper/bloomers that come with some of their dress patterns!  (Children's Corner are paper patterns.)

I do have a suggestion if you are looking for a bloomer in a size over 24m!  Find your favorite shorts pattern and cut the length of the leg to 4" or so below the inseam and follow my free bloomer tutorial for constructing the cover!

If you have a favorite diaper cover pattern that you've used PLEASE link up below so that others can follow!  And if you have a review on the pattern (or if you are the shop owner and want to plug your pattern!) please leave a comment in the blog post!  We love supporting talented designers and sewing mamas!

 Also, in my searches I found a great website for actual cloth diaper patterns!

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  1. Can I link my post with a review? Very awesome round up- I gotta pin it! Thank you!


  2. Good idea, I've gone searching for these before. I wish someone had a bigger size- I know I could just draft one, but I want to skip that step!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.



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