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Monday, September 9, 2013

popOVERALLS - PR&P week 1!


This was such a FUN outfit to make and it's perfect for the fall!  I love overalls on little kids!  Sure, they're not super practical when you have to change a diaper (even snaps are a pain to open and close!) but they look so sweet on little bodies! 

I hope you can tell the silhouette of the Popover Sundress on this romper!  When I thought how I wanted to remix the pattern I had several ideas in my head.  This version seemed the most practical for my baby girl!  She already has sooooo many dresses and I wanted to give her something that would be easy to wear, comfortable and perfect for the upcoming chilly weather!

Are you ready to make one for yourself????

You'll need:
Popover pattern (FREE!)
Measurements for your child's chest/rise/inseam
Pair of pants to trace
Fabric/scissors/bias tape/thread/buttons/pins
(When I say "finish seams" I am using a serger to finish off the raw edge.  You can use a zig zag or pinking shears anytime you see me mention "finish seams".)

You will be using the top of the Popover but trimming the sides and adding the pant inseam.  Use an existing pair of pants to trace the front and back and add that to the top of the Popover pattern.  You will NOT be cutting on the fold.  I felt that the sundress was already wide enough that having the center seam would not hurt the chest measurements.  If you feel your child is wide in the chest you may want to add an extra 1/4" to the sides of the pattern to account for the center seam.

Place the pattern on your fabric and cut two for the front (mirrored) and cut two for the back (mirrored)

 Sew the front center seam on both the front and back (the "J" shape) and finish the seam.  Press open.

Place front and back right sides together and sew the side seams.  Finish seams and press open.

Don't sew the crotch seam yet - I forgot to document this process with pictures but I will do my best to explain!!!
First, make sure you know the inseam of your child.  Eva Mae was sleeping so I used a standard inseam of 12" and it's about 2" too long so her ruffle bottoms are a little big! LOL!  Take your pants inseam and cut off 3".  Add a ruffle to the bottom of the pants hem that is 4" tall and 2x the length of the pant leg. Hem the strip on the bottom (turn up 1/4" to the wrong side and 1/4" again.  hem close to the folded edge.) Then add a basting strip to the top of the strip.  Gather and pin around the pant leg with right sides together. Sew the ruffle to the bottom of the pant hem.  Finish the seam.  Press the seam up and the ruffle down and top stitch along the pant hem.  Repeat for the other leg.
NOW, sew the crotch seam.  With right sides together, sew from the bottom of one ruffle leg up around the crotch seam and back down to the other leg.

To finish the top, you will use the yoke from the pattern.  For the front, keep the yoke the same.  For the back, you will cut down the top fold creating two pieces.

Again, I forgot to photo document all the steps, but follow the pattern directions for adding the front yoke to the top of the overall bodice.  (I embellished with some ric rac during this step!)

 To create the back straps, measure how long you want your straps and sew the strap fabric right sides together and turn right sides out and press.

Sandwich the straps between the back yoke pieces.  Sew a straight stitch across the top of the yoke section and turn right sides out and press.  Attach the back yoke to the overalls in the same way you attached the front yoke.

Now, since we are not making the shoulder ties, we have to use bias tape (store bought or homemade) to finish the arm hole edges.  To do this, you will fold the bias tape over at the beginning and the end of the arm hole edge.

Place the bias tape right sides to the overalls wrong side.  Match up the raw edges and sew along the crease.  Turn the bias tape over and sew again along the fold "stitching in the ditch" to attach the bias tape to the arm hole.

Optional:  Add a pocket!
I used my embroidery machine to applique a patch for a pocket.  I placed the patch fabric right sides together with some lining and then turned right sides out and attached to the front of the overalls - sewing only the side and bottom to create a working pocket.


The final step - add buttonholes and buttons to the front yoke!!!

Clear as mud?!  The hardest part in converting this pattern to overalls is getting the measurements right for the length and inseam!  If you get that down you will have an adorable pair of overalls for your little girl this season!!!  I also think that if you leave off the ruffle hem and ric rack on the yoke this could work for a boy!!!  What do you think? 
I posted on my facebook wall that I could NOT BELIEVE how big my daughter was by looking at a pair of hanging overalls.  I thought "surely these won't fit" when I finished sewing!!!  And yes, I did goof on the length but at least she will be able to wear them a while and grow into them!  If needed, I can adjust the buttons lower on the straps and she can wear these next year too!

I had hoped to take pictures at a store we used to have called the "Apple Barn" - I was bummed that it never reopened when our mall was finished with renovations.  Instead I got some cute shots of Eva Mae playing on the stage and in the kid area!

Isn't it fun when people compliment your kid's clothes?!  I need to start carrying around business cards!  I keep forgetting to put them in my purse!  I had several people come up and tell me how cute her outfit was but I just smiled and said "Thank you so much" this time instead of "Thanks!  I made it!" ;-) 

  I can't wait to see what other creative remixes are going on in this first week of Project Run & Play!  Come back next week for some fun orange and white candy inspired outfits!

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  1. So cute!! Love that you could leave the ruffles off and make it for a boy.....And she has the most adorable little scrunch face I have ever seen!!

  2. Cute cute!!! I saw this on the PDF pattern facebook group. It's really adorable : )

  3. I am loving these! I want to make like 50! Thanks for more wonderful inspiration!

  4. Very fun. Overalls didn't even cross my mind but I love it. The pocket is perfect.

  5. How cute! I think this would be great for boys or girls :) Thank you for the tutorial! I will probably make some for my son now that I have seen the fantasticness of these :)
    Bonnie MS

  6. So cute RaeAnna! I want to make one for my daughter! And yes, it's perfect for a boy too. =D

  7. You are so right: there is no practicality in overalls....but they are just too stinking cute to pass up!! Very nicely done, Rae Anna!

  8. Cute! I LOVE overalls for little girls! And they didn't open the Apple Barn again? Bummer. I enjoyed that store. We haven't been since the renovations.

  9. I love that you thought to turn it into a romper. What a great idea. :-)

  10. Such a fun take on the pattern--and I love your cheerful prints! Really cute!

  11. What a great idea! Your overalls turned out super cute! I am right there with you on the size thing. I just cut something for the next challenge for my 4 year old and I thought it couldn't possibly fit, there's no way she is that big. But, of course, she is! They grow too fast to keep up with sometimes!

  12. She is so adorable RaeAnna! I especially love the second to last picture, the look on her face cracks me up. Great job on your remix!!

  13. I love overalls on little kiddos, too :) Your little girl looks so pretty in hers :) Love the bright colours!

  14. So many darling details!!!! And the fit? Spectacular!

  15. Great tutorial for an adorable pair of overalls :)



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