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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dreaming of Spring Jacket


Do you ever have one of those days when things just don't go your way?  I made plans to try to get Eva Mae to pose at this cute local coffee shop (they specialize in gluten free pastries!!! YUM!) but she was soooo uncooperative! LOL!


This jacket is just the cutest thing though!  Unfortunately she's grown a lot since I first told Magda from House of Estrela that I would sew the jacket and test the pattern! The pattern calls for this adorable button tab closure but when I tried it on Eva Mae before attaching the tab the jacket was so tight. :(  I even was careful with adding my seam allowances to the pattern before cutting out - the good thing is that I can add the tab and button and send the jacket to Eva Mae's cousin in Idaho to wear this fall!


Aren't the seam lines so sweet!  I love the curved bodice and fit of the jacket!
And the pockets are adorable!  I probably should have trimmed my ribbon a bit more but I loved the whimsy of a long ribbon!

If you are not a follower of Magda's blog House of Estrela be sure to click over and follow with Bloglovin' or other reader!  She always has such cute posts and she just announced that she will be competing in a new online sewing challenge!  I love competitions!!!  This one is new to me so I'm excited to follow along!

Check back tomorrow for my $0 Project Post!
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  1. Love this jacket. We totally do the oops this is to small/big it goes to this cousin thing. Jo's little Rogue has watched over a few outfits that I have made until Boston grows into it. Al has ended up making things for Boston when they don't fit Ty.

  2. It's really cute! Lucky that you have someone to wear it, to bad it's a bit small.

  3. Oh, thanks so much! I love your fabric choice and I'm so so sad that it doesn't fit your daughter anymore. I am now ready to make the last adjustments (tahnks for the things you've pointed out) and soon this will be available on my blog. =D

  4. The jacket is adorable - perfect for spting/summer, or even for cooler summer nights :) I especially love the pockets :)The ribbons do add character :)

  5. So cute girl! The jacket is cute too! I love the floral details, just like some hot pink bridesmaid dresses I have seen!



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