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Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 2: Home Decor

I am ashamed to admit that we have lived in this great house for almost 10 years and I've let our bedroom stay plain jane!!! 
I've admired a ton of blogs/home magazines/etc. and always said "I'll get to it....." but it's always been a low priority when I have a ton of other things I'd like to do!  Here's a picture of me and hubby celebrating our 10 year anniversary this past July - he would officially like to thank Naptime Crafters Blog for motivating me into creating our bedroom a "Burlappily Ever After" room!!! This week is dedicated to you, babe!

If you've followed my blog or Facebook you know how much I love my Singer Futura embroidery machine!  I embroidered on burlap for the first time at Christmas for a gift for my mother-in-law.  I was amazed at how easy it is and how nice the end result looks!

I have 3 embroidered burlap projects to show you - 1.  The "G" pillow, 2. The "N" + "R" pillows, and 3. The side table coasters!

The "Goss" burlap panel was done using the Savvy Stitches Split Alphabet!  This is a beast to embroider at 15,352 stitches!!!  I think it took the machine about 30-45 minutes to complete. The awesome feature of the XL-400 is you can control the speed!!!  I had a 200ce previously and this design took twice as long when I made my mother-in-law's gift!

The handstitched edge of the burlap was done with embroidery floss onto a piece of cream fabric and then the fabric was topstitched onto the pillow sham.  Thank you to my FB friends for helping me decide to use the cream fabric as a "frame" behind the burlap!
If you'd like to see how I made the pillow sham with a full picture tutorial click here!
When I was thinking about the pillows I want to accent our bedroom I thought a matching "his" and "her" pillow out of burlap would be cute!  I used the "University Font" from Jolson's Design to embroider the "R" and "N" on the burlap square! 

If you want to make one it's super easy!  Take a rectangle of burlap (9x18" or similar) - fold right sides together and sew along the edges leaving 3" to turn right side out - stuff and sew the hold closed!  Super easy and such a great little accent!  (Who else has "their side" of the bed?  We've claimed these sides and I don't think we'd be able to sleep if it was switched! haha!)

The third embroidered burlap project is the custom coaster set I made with special dates!  Our anniversary and birthdays will be easy to recall and will protect the side table from drink stains!

The top side is burlap and I put felt underneath as the "stabilizer" and coordinated the felt with the color of the thread for each coaster!  Christian thinks they're miniature frisbees!


To pull together the complete look I needed a headboard!  I found the geometric print used for the pillow above in a sheet set from Ross (kind of like a TJ Maxx) - the flat/fitted/pillowcase set was around $8!!!  I had several ideas for what I wanted to do as the headboard but I couldn't say no to this print!  I was hoping to include more burlap in the headboard but I think it looks best as a stand alone piece!  (Let me know if you have any suggestions to embellish the headboard!) 

To make the headboard I took a huge piece of cardboard that was a sewing measurement tool.  I've never needed something so big so it's just been sitting folded up behind my sewing desk!

I pinned the fabric to the back side and made sure everything was straight.  (ignore my burlap fabric scraps!)

Then I used adhesive spray to hold the fabric to the cardboard and make sure there were no wrinkles.
Using the adhesive spray and some hot glue to reinforce, I folded the edges behind - voila!

We secured the headboard to the wall with some finishing nails.  The complete look came together so nicely and on a small budget!  The curtain rods and panels were bought at Ross for $26 total and the white bedding (skirt, sheets, comforter) were bought off Amazon for $80.  The "Family" picture collage was a Christmas gift that's been sitting in the box waiting to be displayed!

Now we can enjoy a clean and swanky bedroom.......Happily (I mean "Burlappily") Ever After!
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  1. It turned out so pretty and looks so comfortable. =)

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  4. Wow Rae Anna. This is so beautiful and all of the details are just perfect!

  5. That turned out just beautiful! You came up with some very creative and affordable ideas!

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  7. Great transofrmation, RaeAnna! Love that fabric - it's really quite striking in the room.

  8. Great idea RaeAnna! Love what you did with it!

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