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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pillowcase into a Pillow Sham

Guess what I've been working on?!!!  Week 2 for the Sew Off is coming up and I've been hard at work making some cute bedroom items!  This is just a little teaser/tutorial for something I worked on today!  To see the finished look I hope you'll come back on Saturday morning to check it out!

I went to Ross this morning and found an adorable sheet set that I want to incorporate into my look!
It came with 1 pillowcase but I didn't need it for my sleeping pillow - I thought it would be perfect as a decorative pillow!  I have a 17" square pillow that I want to cover from my previous bedding set.  Here's what you'll need if you want to turn a cute pillowcase into a decorative pillow cover! (Or even straight up fabric will work!!!)

Step 1:
Measure 19.5" on the long side of the pillowcase and cut straight across.  This will create your "square"
Step 2:
Cut open all the seams except for one - this is the seam you see going down the middle of the pillowcase.
Step 3:
Fold a hem line on one of the pillowcase edges.  This will be one half of the back.  Sew the hem in place.
Step 4:  Attach one of the end pieces that you can see at the top of the "Step 2" picture.  You'll put it right sides together and sew the raw edges.  Since the pillowcase already had a sewn hem you've eliminated part of the work for yourself!
(This is the view of the wrong side so you can see the seams)
Step 5:
Pin the pillowcase right sides together and overlap the back so that you can easily slip a pillow into the finished sham.  Sew a straight line down the sides, removing the pins as you go.  Repeat on the other side.
Step 6:
Turn right side out and push out the corners!
Insert your old pillow into your new sham!!!  A 30 minute project - EASY PEASY!!!

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And don't forget to check back this weekend for week 2!


  1. Great decorating tip - thanks for sharing ... J

    1. you are so welcome! I'm ashamed that home decor is at the bottom of my sewing project lists! haha! I'm glad the Sew Off has forced me to do some home decorating!

  2. i love that pattern! i am going to ross to find it now!

  3. I know! It's such a cute trend right now in prints and for less than $10 for a fitted/flat and pillowcase you can get a TON of use out of it for home projects!!!

  4. Great idea. I'm always looking for new ways to make pillows.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  5. I was searching for a tutorial to do just this but I'm a verryyyy beginner sewer and I'm a little confused on a couple of things. In step one, do you cut across lengthwise on both layers of the pillow case? And in step 4, you attach a sort of "flap"? Or am I missing something?

    1. Great questions! I hope you get this response!
      Step 1 - with your pillowcase completely intact, measure 19.5 inches up from the bottom of the pillowcase (the "bottom" is the opposite of where the pillowcase opening is.) Cut off the remaining length - I'll call this remaining length the "top"
      Step 2 - cut the side seams of the pillowcase (2 sides) - leave the "bottom" seam intact. Cut the side seams of the "top" section. You should now have 3 pieces that look like the picture in "step 2"
      Step 4 - to answer your question, yes it kind of is a "flap" - the "top" sections that you cut off become the back of the pillowcase cover!

      I hope that clears it up! I bet once you start sewing and construction you'll get the hang of it and it makes sense! :) I'm so glad you found the tutorial and I hope it helps as you start sewing!!! Let me know how it turns out!

    2. Thank you for your quick reply! Will let you know how it goes!

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