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Sunday, January 27, 2013

PR&P Week 4 - Bees are Buzzin' and Love is in the Air!

I am looking forward to sharing this look with you this week!!!  I had a lot of fun and many "grrrrr" moments while putting the look together!

The final product is a reversible a-line dress (one side has an applique and one side is plain) and a chiffon peasant dress with a sash.

The "grrrr" moments came when I was trying to work with the chiffon.  I've never sewn with it before and I had two ideas in my head before I finally gave up and decided to go with a peasant dress.  One idea was to create a simple bodice and attached gathered skirt.  I cut out a silky polyester light pink fabric that I had in my stash and basted the chiffon over it.  However, when I was trying to do the bias on the arm holes it started looking reeeeaaaallly bad! lol!

The second idea was pretty close to the first, but I was going to follow an Ottobre pattern.  Again, I wasn't happy with the way the sleeves looked so I trashed that design too.  It's a good thing I bought a bunch of this chiffon print!!!  (Super cheap at JoAnn's!)

Finally I figured that I could get away with a peasant style dress and it sewed up super easily!  I even used shirring on the sleeves!  I have some left over so I may try to come up with some other shirred chiffon top - maybe a halter or swimsuit cover up for the summer!

I knew that I needed something to go under the chiffon so I had some left over pink polka dot cotton in my stash.  I even re-used the sash that I made for week 1! (See it here!)
PR&P week 1

Since I was going to make the a-line dress to go under the peasant dress, 
I figured I would make it reversible AND
......................get ready to read the next part in monster truck commercial voice........

Get TWO, TWO, TWO looks in one!!!


Little Miss Futie (Singer Futura) helped me create the adorable 
"Bee Mine" design on one side of the a-line dress!

I originally bought a Singer Futura 200ce in April or May last year.  (you can see my sewing room set-up with the old machine here)
And as soon as I finished the stripes and polka dot look for week 2 it decided to quit on me!!!  The power wouldn't turn on no matter what I did.  I took it apart, tried plugging it into different outlets, etc.  It's in a box waiting for an electrician to take a look at it.  I'm thinking after I get it fixed I'll probably try to sell it or maybe use it as a back up machine.  Fortunately I have a super supportive hubby and he was totally fine with me upgrading to the new version of the Singer Futura!  This one is the XL-400
I bought it the day after my 200ce busted and Amazon had it delivered 3 days later!  There are two things about it that I LOVE
1.  I can control the speed of the stitches
2.  I have a 6x10 hoop which means more embroidery area!!!

It's really fun to find cute applique designs to embellish t-shirts or clothes that I make!  I love this little "Bee Mine" design from Planet Applique and it is perfect on the dress!  And again, since the dress is fully lined/reversible I can just turn it inside out so it's plain pink underneath the chiffon!


And I'm a sucker for big buttons!  I love the pop that it gives to this sweet dress!
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I can't wait to see what adorable Valentine cuteness pops up on the Project Run and Play link party!


  1. Three things - 1:you already have next week's look DONE and POSTED!?!?!?!?, 2:My jaw is on the floor and I am green with jealousy looking at your machine (mine sews straight, zig zag, and blind hem... this is all, but it is a beast and I love it), and 3: Those outfits are both so cute on your adorable model!!!

  2. These are just adorable outfits! The model is pretty darn cute, too!

  3. Adorable! But I have to ask, why would you stick with the same machine/ brand if the one you needed to replace didn't even survive a year? And I would hope you have a singer warranties their machines for at leadt a year. I sewed on my last machine for 10 years (Viking, not Singer) and never had trouble. It still functions ad my back up, but I expect my upgrade to last me at least that long too.

  4. Big Bows, Big Buttons, and BumbleBees. These are so sweet. I love the smock and the details. That big button tops it off.
    Way to go Momma!
    -with love

  5. I love how the peasant dress drapes on her. Both are adorable!!

  6. Looks great! I love both sides.

  7. Well, that was pretty creative --- coordinating all your pieces together so nicely!

  8. Wow! That is a nice sewing machine! Your dresses are adorable and sewing with chiffon ack! Such a pain! (But worth it:)

  9. These are lovely. Chiffon! WOW! It sure feels great to accomplish something new. Your machine is beautiful.

  10. I love the look! How fun with the new machine!

  11. Those dresses are so cute!! I'm wondering if they would look cute together. The peasant dress might not work well under the jumper but it might be worth a try. The prints would be great together. :)



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