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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year! Narita Dress Pattern Review

Happy New Year!!!  I didn't blog at all during the main holiday season due to lots of family parties and outings!  We had hubby's parents from Idaho visit so there were a lot of game nights of Trivial Pursuit!

I just got back into sewing up some things for Eva Mae and I LOVE how this dress turned out!

Adrianna over at Crafterhours has a pattern shop that she's opened called Hey June!  Go check out her adorable cardigan and keep your eyes peeled for this beauty!  The dress pattern is called the Narita.

Some of the details that I love:

The back closure - this is the first time doing a back like this.  There is a facing piece on the inside that you sew and cut to create the slit for the extra room.  The directions are very clear on how to finish this technique and it looks very professional!

The pockets!
I didn't transfer the markings from the pattern to the fabric so I think my pockets are a little lower than they should - my own fault!!!  This was also the first time I put pockets in a dress!  I love the easy directions and illustrations in the pattern!

And my favorite detail????................. the adorableness of my Eva Mae in the dress!

This pattern is perfect for mixing prints and colors!  I plan to sew it again with some nautical prints and maybe add a little anchor applique to the bodice yoke!  I love the way this dress flows!  And the length is perfect!  The size 1 (12-18 months) comes right at my daughter's knees when she stands.  I would say it is more of a comfortable 18 months standard size.

Thank you, Adrianna for allowing me to test your beautiful dress!

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