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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Liebster Award!

I just opened my inbox to find out that Sally at Daisy Chain Creations nominated me for a Liebster Award!

Here is Sally's "acceptance" post from her nomination by Frances & Suzanne!

What is a Liebster Award??????  Here is the description:
"The Liebster Blog Award is an award given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers, most of whom have less than 200 followers (or have been blogging for less than 6 months). It is to show newer bloggers that they are appreciated, and to help spread the word about new blogs. It was created to promote appreciation and recognition among the blog world. Liebster translates to “dearest” (or favorite/best) in German. It is also known as the Love Blog Award."

What a fun way to keep the ball rolling on some crafty blogs!  I can't wait to spread the love to some of my other blogging friends!  Sally has always been so sweet to comment on some of my projects and I love seeing the pictures she posts on her blog and flickr!  

Sally, I read that you love German, so imagine me singing
"Danka shoen, darling, danke shoen......" 

There are some rules though:
1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2.  Answer the 11 questions given by the nominator.
3.  Create 11 new questions for those you nominate.
4.  Choose 11 new blogs and link to them in your post.

11 Random things about me!
1.  I have created an alternate universe for my son.  In it, Mogley the Bear is his alternate self and we have fun coming up with new adventures for him!

2.  I am a piano teacher and have a WONDERFUL group of students that are learning and growing each week!  I absolutely love seeing the progress they each make and seeing their beautiful faces!

3.  I hate trendy clothing stores and pray reeeeeaaaallly hard that my daughter will never want to shop in one!

4.  I know the difference between "there", "they're" and "their" - but normally don't correct my facebook friends that don't.  (And a freebie - I like to put 2 spaces after a period.)

5.  I grew up on the Muppets and have a pretty good repertoire of puppet voices to entertain my kids!

6.  I was homeschooled all through elementary/middle/high and graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN with my music education degree!

7.  I plan to homeschool my kids - in fact, my 3 year old loves doing "school" with!

8.  I have hundreds of machine embroidery/applique designs and my New Year's resolution is to try to use some of them on my ever increasing fabric stash!

9.  I have two nieces that will be born in April - both will have the name Elizabeth! (one on my side of the fam and one on hubby's side.)

10.  I love Jesus and try to live my life to be a light - I thank HIM for all of my blessings!

11.  My newest sewing purchase is a Brother 1034d serger.  I have my mother-in-law's White serger as backup!

Answers to Sally's questions!
1. What's your go to place when you are stumped and need a solution when it comes to sewing/crafting?
Most often it happens when I go to bed!!! And I've been known to get back up to work a little longer in the sewing room when inspiration hits. (As long as there's coffee in the morning!)

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I would choose Italy.  We've been several times and I love the language, food, art, music, etc!  It's such a beautiful country and so rich in culture!

3. Who taught you how to sew and what do you wish you could ask them now?
I'm mostly self taught but originally my grandma sat me down for lessons when I was around 12.  I'm so thankful she was still living when I began sewing again!  She was able to see some of my first creations for my little guy before she passed away.  We were so close and I know she is watching us from heaven.  She is my daughter's namesake!

4. If you were able to pass on your love of sewing to someone, what is the first thing you would tell them/teach them?
I have a lot of local mommy friends that I've taught.  We start with winding the bobbin!  We've made pin cushions, fabric headbands, tote bags and a jon-jon!

5. What is the must have by your sewing machine/craft table when it comes to snacks?
Ugh - don't say snacks right now.  I'm trying to diet! lol!!!  I'm fortunate that my sewing room is far away from the kitchen but if I do bring something upstairs it's usually a beverage.  I've been known to ask - "Does my sewing machine qualify as heavy machinery?"

6. What is one time period you wished you lived in, if only for the clothes they wore?
Roaring '20's for sure!!!  I love the Vaudville look but I could never pull it off!  2nd choice would be the '40's.  I have several dresses from the '40's that were my Great Aunt's when she was a young woman!

7. Favorite thing to do/favorite hobby, non sewing related?
Obviously be with my kids and play!!!  But music is always my first love! (Piano)

8. If you could indulge yourself in something sewing related, what would it be and why?
MORE FABRIC!!!!  However, my stash is busting at the seams!

9. Milk or Dark Chocolate? Why?
Dark - better for your health!

10. What is the funniest thing you have seen or heard lately?

11. Sunrise or sunset?  What is your favorite time of day?
I love both!!!  I think sunrises are my favorite though - it's a new day that brings new blessings!!!  I'm always sad to see the day end and my kids get one day older.

11 new questions!!! (For my blogging friends!)
1. Bias tape - buy it from the store or make it yourself?
2. How do you drink your coffee?
3. If you were a Muppet, who would you be?
4. Best party dance - Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide?
5. If you could create a machine to do one menial sewing task, what would it be?
6. Peanut butter - crunchy or smooth?
7. What is your favorite style of music?
8. What are some of your favorite recipe websites?
9.  Favorite reality TV show?
10. Tell us something cute that one of your kids has recently done!
11.  What is your favorite crafty/sewing blog? (excluding mine, of course! hee hee!)

Here are 11 blogs that I am nominating!
Veronica at SewVery
Vanessa at Designs by Sessa
Adrianna at Crafterhours
Caila at Cailamade
Zoe at Sewitgirl
And to complete the list - these are new blogs I just started following since the sew along season started on Project Run and Play!  Can't wait to see what they create!  I hope they don't mind the nomination!!!
Michelle at Handmade Martini
Deborah at Sew Much to Give

Thanks again, Sally!!!  I would love to have some new followers for my blog in 2013!

Liebster x2!!!!  Dimples and Pig Tales were so sweet to nominate me from their blog!

Here are the questions she posed to us!!!
11 Questions for My Nominees to Answer
1. Why did you start blogging?
I had been posting pictures on Facebook and decided to try to create tutorials for others to try - blogging was the popular place to do it so I created a sewing blog!!!

2. Whats your favorite part about blogging?
Meeting new cyber friends and seeing the creativity of other moms!

3. Do you have a favorite place to thrift/shop?
It's hard to get out during shop hours with 2 little ones but I will say that Textiles in Nashville is my favorite fabric store!

4. What do you wish you knew more about? ( photography? web design? upholstery?)
I have always loved the Italian language and wish I could practice speaking it with more people!

5. What is your favorite item in your house?
My piano! :)

6. What do you do when your not blogging? ( activities?)
Teach piano lessons

7. Whats your best yard sale/ thrift store find?
Our computer desk!

8. Do you have a talent? What is it?
Playing piano! :)

9. What inspires you on a daily basis?
Prayer - I just downloaded youversion on our new computer and I look forward to devotion time before the kids wake up! :)

10. Do you have a favorite blog? Why do you like it?
I would have to say my favorite is still Jessica at Craftiness is Not Optional.  Her parties are so so so so so amazing and her style for kids clothes is very similar to mine.

11. What is your favorite pattern? (stripes? chevron? damask? ikat?)
The ladies at the fabric store call them "thirties" - the 1930's reproduction prints are my favorite!  I love the vintage look!  (small florals, line drawing type print.)


  1. Thanks, RaeAnna! We have quite a bit in common! Here's my post -- I've enjoyed your blog!

  2. Well, I am one of your new 2013 followers! Off to have a peek around your blog...J

  3. Thanks for the nomination! Here is my email address sewfabulous10 at yahoo dot com.

  4. I haven't forgotten about this! With my new job my time is precious, but I hope I can do it soon! Thanks for the nomination! :)



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