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Friday, July 19, 2013

Elegance & Elephants Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt

I had so much fun sewing this outfit and taking pictures!!!  If you missed my first post, I gave a tutorial on how I modified the back to have a tie closure instead of a button closure!  It makes it super easy to wear the top reversible! Click here to see the tutorial!

The top is adorable with the pockets and the look of the front panel!  I think it might be interesting to do 3 different colors/prints for the top so you can see the construction detail!

The skirt is adorable with it's waistband and casing!  I love that little extra detail!

And who can resist this ADORABLE fabric???!!!  I have been a fan of Sarah Jane for over a year.  Her whimsical drawings are imaginative and creative!  I used several of her Out to Sea fabrics for my kids and hope to order more from her Let's Pretend and Children at Play fabric lines!

(You can see some blog posts on some of the above outfits here)

The pockets on the top are my favorite detail!  I had to take a photo with a couple little friends that like to play pretend!

 I love how everything fits!  The pattern comes in size 12/18m, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9 and size 10.
I made the size 12/18m for Eva Mae and it fits perfect!

I used the same fabric for the tie on the top back as I used on the skirt and I love how that small detail seems to pull everything together for the outfit!

And I love how the print of the fabric works in the center of the dress!  The drawing with the little girl and the balloon is my favorite on the fabric so I wanted to make sure it was front and center when I pieced it all together!


 I had so much fun taking Eva Mae's pictures and capturing her mobility!  She obviously doesn't stay still for a photoshoot!

If you love the look of this outfit as much as I do go check it out on Heidi's website and purchase a pattern for yourself!!!  You will receive so many compliments!  I also think it will be a perfect top to layer over a long sleeve shirt for the fall!  I have some ideas brewing for my next sew!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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  1. Gorgeous! My daughter would be all over this PINK outfit! Nice job!

  2. So adorable, RaeAnna! What a perfect outfit for your cutie! You just can't go wrong with Sarah Jane's fabrics!

  3. Love the fabrics, love the top and bottom outfits you have done RaeAnna, they are so cute!



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