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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scrubby Jams Top - FREE PATTERN!

Yay!  I have a new free pattern to offer my readers!!!

This is called the Scrubby Jams Top and is inspired by scrub and pajama wear!  It's perfect for lounge wear and is designed for woven fabric.

A little background about the inspiration:

Earlier in July I had the opportunity to help sew uniforms for children in Haiti.  The school is called "Heart of Worship" and was started by a Haitian named Robenson with the help of Carolyn Evey who lives here in Tennessee.  You can read all about the school at their website: Heart of Worship Ministries

I wanted to draft a pattern similar to their uniform for the younger kids so that Carolyn could distribute to anyone who wishes to help sew for the school.  We were able to sew quite a few at our "Sewing Bee" in July and had a wonderful time hearing Carolyn speak about the school and the people.  One thing that really spoke to me was that the uniforms bring so much pride to the family - especially the parents!  They are so proud of their children for having the ability to receive an education!

Drafting was a fun process!  I started with one of Christian's shirts because Carolyn said most of the kids are in 3-4T size clothes.  Using a 4T t-shirt I came up with some ball park measurements and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

My testers have been awesome in helping me fine tune the pattern!  There still may be some mistakes so feel free to comment on this post if you find something to share with anyone who makes the pattern in the future!

Although I only have boy pictures I did intend for this to be unisex!!!  LOL!  If you sew one for your little girl and would like to share a picture I would love to feature it here!

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  1. So cute! It looks like a fun, easy pattern! Thanks so much for offering it for free!

  2. Huge thanks for your generosity in developing this for us and sharing it freely!

  3. Thanks for offering it for free... I will definitely try to make it! Just don't know

  4. Looks great and go for you putting in the effort to create it.

    Visiting via And Sew we Craft linky party

  5. I LOVE this pattern! My little man enjoys this shirt so much. I'm so glad you linked it to our Pattern Party! Thank you for sharing such great patterns and tutorials!!

  6. Congratulations! You are one of our Top 5 Features from our our Pattern Party at Get Your Crap Together! Stop by and get a feature button! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Looks great, RaeAnna!!! i'm sure it would be super comfortable and also easy to sew as a bonus.

    1. I"ve featured your Scrubby Jams top today...

  8. I was one of the testers and I love this pattern! And so does my son (he is the one in the tan cream and sage green checkered fabric shirt):D He wears the 2 shirts I made so much when he plays that I need to make more! Super quick, easy and great tutorial!
    Bonnie MS

    1. Thank you again for testing!!! Your little guy is such a cutie!!!



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