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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fancy Sweatshirt for Mommy!

I have some friends on Facebook that embroider and applique and the current trend is to make these SO CUTE monogram sweatshirts and hoodies!!!  I am in love!!  It so happened that the design files for this monogram set went on sale yesterday!  I didn't have any excuses left and put the files in my online shopping cart and clicked happily away!

The trend started with one of the girls noticing a pinterest pin to etsy!

The next trend was to get the interlocking stitch monogram from Jolson's!


"R" for RaeAnna - "G" for Goss - "S" for...................
Can you guess what my middle name is? ;-)
Here are some clues:
I was born in Hawaii
My parents were hippies
It's something that is going to remind them of Hawaii......and thankfully they ruled out "Surf" and "Sand"

Here are some more inspiration photos from my friends!!!  A link to their blog/etsy can be found at the bottom of the picture!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! We all look awesome in gray sweats! :)

  2. Well, I already know the answer, so I won't say, but I really like your shirt! Now I'm checking out another embroidery site sale! Thanks!

  3. I really have been wanting to do this to my windbreaker! Very cute! Is it SUN!?

  4. Thanks for sharing the cute monogrammed sweatshirt. The new link up is open if you'd like to visit & link up again. Off to check out some of your other posts.Visiting from

  5. Vanessa called it! :) RaeAnna Sun Goss! :)



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