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Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Post at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

*reposted on 6/22/13*

I had two brothers growing up and although my mom didn't allow us to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there was no escaping the pretend play that my brothers and their friends would do in our backyard!  I think there were always fights on who got to be the "Blue One!"

My husband did watch the TV show and when Nickelodeon started up the new series last month my 3 year old son wanted to watch it!!!

I still don't know how I feel about it - I'm not one to promote violence!!!  But, as in the case with my brothers - boys will always be boys! LOL!  Hubby thinks it's fine and he watches it with him whenever Christian asks! 
I saw a birthday applique design for machine embroidery with the eye mask over the number and I thought it was so cute!  It gave me the idea for this t-shirt!  And it's super easy!!!
What you'll need:
Green t-shirt (my son wears a 4T but they only had 6-8 at Joann's.  That's why he's swimming in it!)
1/8 yard knit (you pick the color - orange, blue, purple or red)
Scrap of white knit for the eyes
Double needle (optional)
Thread (2 spools for double needle stitch)
First, trim the width of the colored knit. I trimmed mine in half width wise.  You'll want to measure around the shirt to see how much length you'll need.

Cut out the shape of the eyes and center them where you want the band to go

Pin in place and sew with a straight stitch all around the eye (single needle)
Don't backstitch when you are attaching the eyes.  You can bring the thread up to the back and tie in a knot for a clean look on the front!  Just make sure you give yourself enough of a "tail" in the thread!

Place the band back on the shirt and center.  Pin all around the shirt leaving a spot about 3 inches from the side seam.

Because I'm working with knit, I like to use a double needle to give the fabric some stretch.  Sew all along each edge on the top and then repeat for the bottom.  Again, don't backstitch and leave a tail so you can bring it up in the back and tie off.
 Here's a view of the back! 

Tie a knot to complete the look!!!

The cutest thing is that my three year old doesn't say "Ninja Turtle" - it comes out as "Winja Turtle!!!"  He has no problem with making N sounds but I can't bring myself to correct him!  It's so adorable!

He's got his nun-chucks!

The next time we visit cousins in Idaho I will make a purple one and blue one (or red - depending on who is their favorite!)  
 "Watch out, Mommy!

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