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Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Run and Play - Week 1 - Bias Skirt Pattern Remix

This is going to be my first time sewing along with Project Run and Play each week - I hope I can complete each project!!!! :)  This first week is a challenge to take No Big Dill's Very Biased Skirt idea and remix it on your own.  I knew I wanted to make Eva Mae this applique so I thought a little owl apron type of front would be cute on a skirt! I was thinking the feathered breast of an owl - not sure if I completely pulled it off, but it will be adorable on her! :)

Here's the tutorial:

First, measure your little girl for the skirt.  Since I made this an elastic waist I could just do a simple rectangle.  Mine is about 40" long.

Cut your bias strips just like in the original tutorial.  Here you'll see a picture of my skirt panel and all the bias strips!

Layer your bias strips and sew them to a smaller square the size you want to make the little owl breast patch..  I used 3 colors - print, light pink and a darker pink.

Sew them on in layers to the square patch.

Using a fabric marker, draw the shape you want for the patch and sew along that line.  I did it twice to make sure the stitching won't come out.  Trim the edges.

Pin the patch to your skirt panel

Sew side seams of the skirt - right sides together.

Hem the bottom and top, giving you room to insert elastic into the casing!  I hemmed my bottom 1/2" and 1/2" and the top 1/2" and 1".  I used 3/4" elastic.

Then, add a cute sash to tie around the waist and you have an adorable shabby owl skirt!

Applique pattern from

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