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Thursday, September 13, 2012

embroidery machine oopsy

First of all, I have to say I LOVE how it looks on this ruffle shirt!  But I am so mad at myself that I couldn't do the pumpkin like I originally wanted!  When I put the hoop on the machine to start I didn't realize the arm wasn't all the way connected so the hoop was not aligned correctly.  I was able to do the outline of the pumpkin applique fine but when it came to the embroidery stitches around the edge (called a satin stitch) I was off with alignment and it wouldn't have looked right. :(  So, I decided to leave it, do the embroidery for her name and then go around the edges with some embroidery floss I had leftover from Christian's smocked Easter outfit of 2010.  I think it looks adorable and can't wait for cool weather to dress her up in her new shirt!  I was going to make some pants but I think I might just put some hot pink leggings on to bring out the pink in the fabric - and let the pumpkin bring out the orange!  I sense a fall photoshoot coming on soon!!! LOL!
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