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Friday, February 21, 2014

Knight Hoodie - Charming Doodle Pattern Tour

I am so honored to be on Elisa's pattern tour for the Knight Hoodie!  I e-mailed her when I saw tester photos being posted on FB and FELL.IN.LOVE!

Christian also saw it and immediately asked me if I would make it - I was sooooooo excited when Elisa asked if I would be interested in making it and joining the tour! 

The accents of "armor" are what really make this hoodie stand out!  The hood trim, visor, shoulder and elbow patches are impressive and make this garment a one of a kind!

I knew I wanted to add a design with my embroidery machine on the back and I found some fun dragons but this fleur-de-lis from Urban Threads called my name!  Christian loves it since it's like Mickey Mouse in the Three Mousketeers!

I think what I love most about Christian's hoodie is the leather accents!  I used scrap pleather from a purse and a pair of old boots!

There are a few flaws in my sewing with one side being a little higher than the other, but it works for the top to overlap and snap in place!

The smaller sizes can be zipped all the way up with a 20" zipper but Christian's size 5 is a little too long for the zipper so a snap is needed to secure the top of the hood!

The only thing I don't like is that my little boy looks so big in his new Knight Hoodie.  It seems like as soon as he started preschool he jumped into a whole new level of maturity and development!  He is such a beautiful and special boy.  My knight in shining armor!

Thank you for checking out my post and go grab your copy of the pattern in the Charming Doodle shop HERE!  - 
you can get $2 off with the coupon code SewingMama!  That makes the pattern only $10 for you!

And check out all the other pattern tour participants!

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  2. I love it! The pleather accents are amazing and that embroidery! Wow! Thanks so much for being part of the tour!

  3. I love the embroidery on the back. Very cool for school. :)

  4. Love it, RaeAnna! The fleur-de-lis is such an awesome touch and very knight-ly :)

  5. Love the embroidered detail. What a cool sweatshirt!

  6. It looks lovely RaeAnna :) Love the embroidery detail and leather accents. How could Christian not fall in love with this hoodie?

  7. I love your version RaeAnna - your armour stands out so nicely :)

  8. Love the pleather accents! Bought this pattern the other day... now need to sew it up!



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