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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eva Mae's Button Party

How is that possible?!  It doesn't seem like a whole two years since I was cuddling her in the hospital after a quick and beautiful Hypnobaby birth!!!  Just like the theme of this party, she is as cute as a button and getting cuter every day!

I am obsessed with Pinterest party planning!  I loved the idea of pairing two sizes of plates to create button hanging decorations!!! 

I wish I could take credit for the cake, but the very talented Dorea at Tis So Sweet created this masterpiece!!!

I did make these cute fondant buttons for cupcake toppers though!!!  I love the way they turned out and it was my first time playing with's big people play-doh!!! 
 If you like this theme and want to make button fondant molds you should get THIS Wilton mold! (affiliate link) 


I hung a few button plates from the kitchen cut out as well (like the paper airplane mobiles from Christian's party!) 
Our activities started with the book "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" and I read while the kids helped with some of the repetitive texts (and Eva Mae danced to our "rap!") We went to the table and made some button bookmarks!  It was the perfect way to get rid of some of my buttons in my button stash!!!  We just used a glue stick to cover one side of the cardstock and stuck the buttons on!  They dried during the party so the kids could take them home with their favor bag!

I probably could have been more creative with the favors....I just picked a few toys from the party aisle and tied them with string and attached a little "button" tag made from 2 stamp punches and hand drawn button holes in the middle of the circle. 

My little girl had a ball!!!  Her necklace is from LilyBelles Boutique! 

Her pants are the Whitney Trousers from Violette Field Threads and her shirt is the Circus Font Applique from Planet Applique only instead of fabric in the applique I just used the outline and hand sewed buttons to the front! (It took 2 hours to hand sew all those buttons!!!)

The end result was one sweet birthday girl!!!

And I have a gift for all of you!!!  Monday night will be the release of my next pattern - the Cupcake Top!  Tester photos are coming in and with just a few little adjustments I will be ready to announce it's release!  I'll have a coupon code of "BIRTHDAY" for 1/2 off!

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  1. That's looks like a wonderfully fun birthday party!! I love the idea of ready a book and creating a take home favor!So fun!! Happy 2nd to your sweet girl! :)

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing... I love the button theme idea. :)

  3. Such a lovely party full of so many good ideas! I adored buttons as a child, which just adds another layer of fun to this party.

  4. Great idea for a party RaeAnna and Happy Birthday Eve Mae!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Ain't it so cute? What a great idea... my daughter loves to sort buttons by colors, I think she'd love a button party too... hehehe



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