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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skater Dress Tour

Dude, I totally dig that I get to show you this gnarly new pattern by Amanda of Kitschy Coo!  (I hope you read that in the raddest skater voice!  If you really wonder what I sound like think Michigan transplant to Tennessee......a little southern drawl but mostly northern yankee!)

 I don't work with knits that often but I was excited to be a part of Amanda's Skater Dress Pattern tour to show you the version I made!  I didn't veer too much from the original pattern since my confidence in improvising with knits is pretty low!!! :)  But don't worry - this pattern is perfect for beginners like me or those who have worked with knits in the past!  The instructions are great to help those who are new to stretchy fabrics and the shape of the dress is perfect to springboard into other styles if you feel adventurous!

I self drafted a pair of leggings to go with the dress that I think turned out adorable!  This is the first pair of leggings that I've sewn with just my serger!  I used the same techniques in the dress to make the cuffs of the legs and the waistband!  I think a whole new world of sewing has been opened!  Yay for knits!


And a cutie patootie matching knit headband completes the outfit!
(She had crazy hair from taking a nap after her bath this morning!)
As I said earlier, Amanda's instructions are wonderful and made sewing this dress easy and gave me a lot of confidence to try experimenting with some other modifications like Meg at Elsie Marley!

Since I normally only have time to sew when the kids are sleeping  I don't have the opportunity to test out the garments for measuring unless I want to wait and finish everything up the next day!  I probably should have gone ahead and fixed the length before taking pictures but she just looked so cute I couldn't wait!

The size I used for the dress was 18m/2T and it is a little big for her.  She's on the early side of 18m sizing so the dress may look better in the fall once she's grown a bit!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out this adorable dress!  You can purchase it here!
And if you are following my blog with Google Reader I would hate to lose you this summer!!!  Reader will be going away but I've heard that is a great place to sign up and manage your RSS subscriptions!  I hope you'll consider following my blog as I continue to create cute stuff for my cuties!


P.S. I'm excited to announce that I will be a contestant in the Sew Off!  I will be sewing up a storm to get my look finished by Friday!


  1. Your dress is adorable! The coordinating leggings were a great idea! :D

  2. What a cute dress! The cuffed leggings are terrific. (I totally had you pegged for a sew off contestant. Congratulations!)

  3. Oh my gosh how adorable! Your model is so cute I can hardly see the dress! But seriously, you did an amazing job, the dress looks like something you bought in a store, very professional!

  4. is so cute your dress and look good on little miss!!!greats from Greece

  5. Super cute outfit! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


  6. How did you make the hairbow?

    1. Super easy! I took a strip of knit material - maybe like 5"x15" and sewed the short side together then folded and serged the long sides together to make the tube. I folded and pressed so the serged seam is on the bottom (against her head) For the flower - here's a good picture tutorial!



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