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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fabric Party Hat DIY tutorial!

***Update:  If you want to sew the party hat, check out my new tutorial!***

Continue reading below if you want to make the no sew version!

These party hats are SO EASY to put together and you can easily customize the look for your little one's birthday party!  This is the "bare bones" tutorial and I'll leave all the creative embellishments up to you!  Make these hats as extravagant as you want!  Although if your little one is like mine, the hat probably won't be on for too long!

What you'll need:
My pattern (click here)
Scrap fabric (a fat quarter is plenty)
Adhesive spray or other fabric glue
Hot glue gun
Elastic cord or elastic thread
Embellishments (yarn pom, ribbon, etc.)
Print out my pattern on cardstock.  I looked around the internet but all I could find was a party hat template that you had to trace on cardstock!  This makes it easy that you can just put your cardstock in the printer and cut out from there.

Cut out the hat template and place on your fabric.  Cut all around the fabric leaving about 1/2" edge.  You can see how the fabric is about 1/2" bigger than the hat template.

Using adhesive spray, spray the wrong side of the fabric and turn the edges of the fabric onto the cardstock all around the edges.

Now, you can make an easy yarn pom to glue to the top:

Wrap yarn around a rectangle of cardstock (I just used a piece from the template) - I would say this is about 1.5-2" wide.

Tie it off in the middle

Cut all the looped ends to make the pom!

Hot glue the pom to the top of the hat and hot glue some elastic cord at the bottom on both sides so that the elastic can go under the baby's chin and the hat can stay on at least long enough to get a few pictures!

Now, make a diaper cover and a little necktie or bowtie to complete an adorable smash cake set for your little one or as a gift!


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  2. How cute! I need to have a party now! Thanks for linking to our Pattern Party at Get Your Crap Together!

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