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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the season to be busy!

Welcome to December!!!!  It seems like this month is always so crazy!  I purposed this month that every day we would do something fun and "Christmasy" as a family!  Even if it's just watching a Christmas movie!  Otherwise, the days seem like they fly by through the month and my favorite time of year is over!

Gifting is probably my favorite part of the Holidays!  I love making things and figuring out gifts for the family! This Ella shirt is for a girl in MOPS who had her daughter "model" an outfit that I made for another friend!  I told her I would thank her by making a shirt with her name!  I love the chevron!

And I'm super excited about this monogram sweatshirt!  I was randomly contacted by someone who Google searched "monogrammed sweatshirts" and saw my post as #6 in the Google search result!  Wow!  I feel like I've made it to the big times! :)  This is for his daughter for Christmas!  I sent it off today!

My littles enjoyed their matching Gingerbread outfits!!!  I finished them on my birthday and they wore them over to Mimi and PopPop's for the Christmas parade!

I love how they came together!  I made a previous shirt for Eva Mae with the ginger girl but the fabric was too dark of a brown.  I love how the cookies look in this shade!

I think this set is one of my favorites that I've done!!!  I made these for my niece and nephews in Idaho as part of their Christmas gifts!  The leg warmers were a Pick Your Plum deal and I bought several others for Eva Mae!  I need to make her a Christmas onesie too! 

I absolutely love the Blanks Boutique Pajamas!!!  We put these pictures on our Christmas cards and I couldn't be happier with how adorable my children are!!!  Am I biased?  Just a bit!!!!  The setting for our pictures was perfect!  We took a little vacation to a State Park for Thanksgiving and did all our family pics!

I laughed when I saw this picture - Eva Mae is trying to put a rock in her mouth - I have no idea what Christian is doing!

This spot was so breathtaking!  We were walking through the State Park and I made Christian and Nick pose for some pictures with those beautiful trees and gorgeous lighting!!!  

Making memories with the family is such a blessing!  My dad snapped this shot of me and my mom as we worked on our Christmas cards in the hotel room over Thanksgiving!  Gotta love my double chin! haha!!!

Thanks so much for reading and checking out my pics!  What is keeping you busy this month?

Stay tuned for a fun gift reveal with some blogging friends of mine!  We did a little Secret Santa gift exchange and I can't wait to post the pictures of my project!!!


  1. Newest follower of your blog. Love the embroidered outfits!!! Too cute!


    1. Cool!!! Thank you for following and your compliments!!! I'm following you now too! :)



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