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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Boutique Bow Tutorial

If you are visiting from sewVery, welcome!!!  I'm excited to offer this tutorial to you!!

approximately 28" of 1"-1.25" ribbon for base
approximately 20" of ribbon for second layer
needle and thread
hot glue gun
alligator clip

5" of 1/4" ribbon for knot center
3" of 1/4" ribbon to cover alligator clip
feltie character

Folding ribbon into the boutique bow has always been a struggle for me!  There are tons of youtube videos and tutorials out there and I think I've watched them all!!!  This tutorial combines several different techniques that I've seen posted and is the best method for me.  You may find other tutorials for folding that you may like better!  Feel free to comment with links so others that read this post can learn more!

First, take your ribbon and measure 2" from the end.  Mark with a water soluble marker.  Then, add 4 more markings - each about 5 3/4-6" apart.
After the fourth line, mark another 2" on the end and trim. (you can see my "oopsie" measurement - ignore that!  We all make mistakes even when we're creating a tutorial!)

Thread your needle (I used black to show up in pictures but you'll want to match your thread to your ribbon!) and begin to sew up the line that you marked.  This will be to gather the ribbon in the last step!

You'll continue to add a line of stitches while folding the ribbon over each time.  If you're using a ribbon that has a pattern on one side make sure the pattern is always facing out in the folds. 
This is what your ribbon will look like when you are ready to gather it into the bow!

Gently pull the string and wrap it around the middle several times to secure it in a bow shape.  Tie off the thread so it doesn't unravel.

There are techniques to finish the bow ends.  You can use your scissors to cut a "V" shape in the end or cut at an angle.  I use a lighter to melt the end of the grosgrain ribbon so it doesn't fray.  You could also use "fray check" to keep the end from fraying.
Dritz 88081 Fray Check with Fabric Guide Applicator Tip (Google Affiliate Ad)

Now, let's make the 2nd layer ribbon!  You could use the same technique as above but I like a little variety with the bow!
Take your ribbon and mark the center line by creasing with your finger.

Fold in each end of the ribbon to the middle (I had to use something heavy to keep the ends in place for the picture - don't cut anything!!!)

Using your needle and thread again, sew a gathering line in the middle and tie it off like you did the other bow.  Make sure all the layers of the ribbon are secured in the thread.


You can hot glue the top ribbon to the bottom ribbon now, or you can use a 1/4" ribbon to create a middle section of your bow.  You can also use a 3" piece to cover your alligator clip!
I tied a little knot in the center of a 5" strip of ribbon and hot glued it closed in the back.  Then, I hot glued the 3" strip to the top and top inside of the alligator clip.
Hot glue the alligator clip to the back.

Now, you can add a feltie character to the center of the bow or leave as it is!
If you have an embroidery machine, felties are super easy to stitch out!  The tutorial that I like the best is here:
If you don't have an embroidery machine you can buy already made felties on etsy!  Or, you have the chance to WIN 4 felties by entering the sewVery rafflecopter giveaway!  To celebrate Veronica's first guest post I will give 2 owl and 2 heart felties!  Enter here

I made a ton of bows as gifts for my daughter's one year birthday party!!!  

Bows are a great stocking stuffer and party gift!  Thank you so much for reading and I hope the links that I learned from will help you on your way to making boutique bows!

If you're visiting from sewVery's page, thank you so much for stopping by!  We've made a special giveaway for you here:

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