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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chocolate Garden Cake

I'm taking a quick break from any sewing projects to show you this adorable DIY for a garden cake!!!  I love "Pinspiration" and these cute individual carrot patches made me head out to the store to make a full size cake garden!

 You'll need:
Box of chocolate cake mix (eggs, water, oil)
Chocolate icing (I used whipped)
Vanilla Sugar Wafers
Cake top decorations (they had marshmallow carrots and flower icing decorations. I also added some flower lollipops.)

Step 1 - bake 2 8" square cakes.  Trim the top off of the bottom layer.

Step 2 - add icing after cakes have cooled.  I sliced some strawberries to go in the middle.

Step 3 - Place 2nd cake on top and cover with icing.  Begin to place wafers around the cake like fence posts.  Use frosting to adhere the wafer to the cake. I trimmed the wafers to a point at the top to resemble the top of a fence.

Step 4 - Cut wafers in half lengthwise to stick horizontally across the wafer fence.  Again, use the frosting to make it stick!

Step 5 - decorate with your choice of toppings and enjoy!!!

I hope your family has a Happy Easter!!!  HE IS RISEN!

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