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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cuddle Bouquet Peasant Dress and Ruffle Pants

Sometimes the weather may not be very warm during early spring but color and comfort can come together for this great outfit!
I had so much fun designing this pattern for my daughter and I hope you are able to use it for a special little girl in your life!  Here in the south we love our ruffle pants and peasant style dresses/tops! 

I used Cuddle™ fabrics to create an outfit for my daughter and I'm happy to share the free pattern and tutorial with you! 

The fabric you will want is:
Many Peasant dresses and tops will use shirring for the sleeves but in the tutorial I will show you how to add 1/4" elastic to the sleeve for quick and easy gathering.

My daughter is complimented everywhere we go when she wears this outfit!

And you can tell she loves to strut her stuff!

We live in Tennessee and there are days that the sunlight is very deceiving!  In fact, the day I'm writing this post we had gorgeous blue skies and sunlight but it was only 24° outside!



  1. This is so cute, I never would have thought to use those fabrics to make an outfit like this. It looks SOO comfy, I kinda want one for myself!

  2. Very cute! I love those colors together. I need those pants for myself!

  3. She's growing up so fast! What a cutie!



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