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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a successful day!!!  Most of the area took today off from trick or treating due to weather conditions so we just had a party at our house with some close friends!  We did go to our neighbors for some candy though!  A lot of people will be out tomorrow trick or treating so I'm sure we will have knocks on our door!

I'm so happy to share some of the pictures I took today!  I wanted to base our costumes off of books this year so Eva Mae is a rubber duck from Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks!

Isn't she a cute rubber duck?!

I didn't make her costume because someone was selling this adorable set for $5!  It even came with feet (but she wouldn't wear them!)

I had her wear the dress and leggings I made from the Riley Blake knit stripe and I think she looks like Big Bird!

I am so proud of Christian's costume!  He is Corduroy the Bear!

I DID make everything for his costume and I will also post a tutorial and pattern for the hat!  I did some changes and modifications from an old paper pattern to make the hood and I love how it turned out!  The brown fabric is velvet and his pants are a light green corduroy!  I think it turned out perfect!

My mother-in-law was AWESOME in helping me with food!  We went on Pinterest and saw these adorable ideas!

 Clementines with little celery stems to make pumpkins!

Take cheeze-wiz and make a cracker sandwich sticking pretzels in the middle and adding raisins for eyes! (Well, I guess they're technically insects since they're missing 2 legs!) ;-)

We had so much fun with our close friends and parents! 
Next year I think we've decided that we'll do a Peter Pan theme!  I think Christian will make a perfect Peter Pan and daddy even said he'll dress up as Captain Hook!!!

I hope you all had a fun day too!

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