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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zig Zag Dress blog tour

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!  If you've followed the other Zig Zag Dresses you'll notice I took liberty with the sleeves in my version:

I wanted to make sure I had Kate's permission to change since I committed to being in the blog tour.....I didn't want to go all rogue on her awesome hard work!!! lol!  I had the original sleeve length cut out and ready to go but there would be some directional issues with this print!
I do love the way the dots have kind of an ombre effect - and I absolutely love this color on my little girl!  The fabric is Jennifer Paganelli and it's called "Bell Bottoms"  You can see all the other variations of the Zig Zag dress by clicking the blog links below!  I'm so honored to have been part of a great pattern tour!!

Justine at Sew Country Chick Veronica at Sew Very Sabra at Sew a Straight Line Ashley at Cherished Bliss Angelina at JoJo and Eloise Summer at Sumo's Sweet Stuff Jen at The Crafting Fiend RaeAnna at Sewing Mama RaeAnna Image Map

 The features that I love about this dress is how easy it is to put together and the perfect pleating placement in the skirt!  I also learned a new sewing technique - Kate explains what "scoring" is when trimming your seams....I've never done that before!  Thank you for teaching me something new! :)
I do plan to make some more dresses with this pattern!  I didn't use any piping on the bottom of the bodice but now I wish that I had used some red piping!  I think it would have been the perfect pop of color!

 And although I always love flutter sleeves, I think the original pattern with the elastic 3/4 length sleeve will be perfect for a dress this fall!

At the end of our photoshoot this is what the dress looked like:
We had so much fun at Mimi and Pop Pops but I think Eva Mae is trying to tell me that she's ready to get cleaned up!
Thank you again, Kate, for having me participate in your awesome blog tour!  I've loved seeing all the adorable Zig Zag Dresses!


  1. LOVE the dot you used! and the flutter sleeves are super cute :)

  2. So sweet, and I agree. This color looks amazing on Eva Mae. Now what happened to that other photo with her crying in the grass?

  3. So cute RaeAnna! I love the fabric you used, it looks really neat with the pleats! The sleeves and red buttons are really fun, thank you!! :)

  4. This is so DARLING!!! The sleeves are perfect for upcoming warm weather :)

  5. that fabric is so perfect!! very cute, and adorable model.

  6. Love the dots. I'm totally loving this blog tour, I's mostly the gorgeous pattern I love (and your selection of prints), but also seeing all of the beautiful faces modelling it!

  7. Thanks everybody!!! Kate is super talented! :) So glad to have joined the other talented bloggers on the tour!

  8. She has some really Cute Dresses I love the styles. Where do you get them from?



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